Another Google Pixel Watch leak reveals that it might be pretty similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4. While it would have been exciting to see a whole new design with game-changing hardware, that’s simply not how Google does things. Instead, the Google Pixel Watch will most likely be sold on the experience, which will be loaded with Google apps and services which has little to do with the actual components as long as they are sufficient for the task at hand.

The Pixel smartphone has always been a fairly standard device and isn’t terribly exciting on paper. The battery capacity is okay, but features like Extreme Power Saver use intelligence to stretch its use for up to 48 hours. The camera and image sensor remained the same for many years, finally getting a significant update in 2021, while most of the magic still happens in software. Even the Pixel 6 Pro, with its Google Tensor processor, doesn’t have anything supremely different than other smartphones. The chip is Google’s design but what makes that special is the optimized Google code that is etched into the silicon.

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According to unnamed sources that spoke with 9to5Google, the upcoming Google Pixel Watch will feature a battery with a capacity of about 300 milliamp-hours, about the same as that of Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 which lasts about a day. The Pixel Watch is also predicted to have an option for cellular connectivity, just like many other smartwatches. Earlier rumors suggested that it will run on a Samsung Exynos processor, perhaps the same one used in the Galaxy Watch 4. So far, taken solely on the hardware expected, there is nothing exciting rumored or leaked about the Pixel Watch. However, it sounds like it will be on par with the best on the market, and that’s okay. Where Google innovates is in software.

Why A Pixel Watch Is Exciting

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Google’s Pixel Watch is exciting, and it’s not because of some fantastic new health sensors, expanding screens, or camera technology. It seems like this will be a nice flagship smartwatch that’s about the same as Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4. It will run the latest version of Wear OS 3, probably Wear OS 3.1, and include Google Assistant on day one. As the developer of Android and Wear OS, it’s safe to expect Google to make this smartwatch widely compatible with Android phones and possibly even with the iPhone.

There could be some additional functionality when paired with a Pixel phone. However, it’s more likely that Google will just focus on making the Pixel Watch work well with every phone to gain the largest possible user base. With the Pixel 6 series launch, it has decided to step off the sidelines and compete in the hardware market. There’s no reason to expect the Pixel Watch to be a half-hearted effort. Instead, Google might be looking to make the Pixel Watch the first smartwatch from the Android camp to challenge the Apple Watch’s dominance.