Just a few days after securing a deal to buy Twitter, there’s now talk about Elon Musk potentially buying Coke. If you said that sentence to someone five years ago, they’d probably look at you like you were crazy. And understandably so! The CEO of Tesla purchased Twitter and is now talking about wanting to buy Cola-Cola? That’s crazy talk.

As fate would have it, that’s the reality we’re all living in right now. The Musk and Twitter saga began in early April when Musk obtained a massive 9.2 percent stake in Twitter after buying millions of shares of company stock. That was soon followed by Musk joining (and then not joining) Twitter’s board, plus a barrage of Tweets about the edit button and Twitter verification. Then, after putting in an offer to purchase Twitter for around $43 billion on April 13, Twitter accepted the offer on April 25. Assuming the deal goes throughout as intended, Elon Musk will soon be the sole and private owner of Twitter.

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Since Musk began talking about his intent to purchase Twitter, his Twitter feed has been more interesting to watch than usual. Among Tweets about free speech and political memes, the Musk Tweet that’s gotten a lot of people scratching their heads is one about the billionaire’s desire to purchase Coke. It sounds preposterous on paper, but in a world where Elon Musk will soon be the owner of Twitter, is him buying Coca-Cola that far-fetched?

Why Musk Won’t Actually Buy Coke

Elon Musk Creative Commons

While it’s impossible to know exactly where Musk’s head is at, it’s safe to assume that his Tweets about buying Coke aren’t nearly as serious as his ones about buying Twitter were. For starters, Musk’s initial Tweet about buying Coke reads, “Next I’m buying Coca-Cola to put the cocaine back in.” That’s obviously not something that can actually happen. There’s been endless discussion about other companies Musk could buy following the Twitter acquisition, so this is likely just his way of playing into that joke. Must later quoted that Tweet and said, “@CocaCola Oh hi lol.”

And even to people who read those Tweets and thought Musk was serious, the math of buying Coke doesn’t work out in Musk’s favor. As of April 2022, Coca-Cola’s market cap is nearly $284 billion. Musk is estimated to be worth around $264 billion. And it’s important to note that’s his overall net worth — not money Musk has on hand to go out and buy a company like Coke.

Will Elon Musk ever buy Coke? Although it’s impossible to say with any certainty what the man will do, it’s safe to assume a Musk-owned Coke isn’t happening any time soon. Musk’s Tweets suggest he’s joking more than anything, the math doesn’t work out, and — even if Elon Musk did put in an offer — it’s hard to imagine Coke accepting.