Rumors about the iPhone 14 hint at this year’s iPhone bringing quite a few upgrades to the table, but will a USB-C port be one of the changes we see from Apple? The iPhone rumor mill is all but impossible to stop. It’s not uncommon for rumors of the next-generation iPhone to start just days after the latest one comes out. People always want to know what’s lurking around the corner — and that’s especially true for the iPhone.

And the iPhone 14 is no different. Even with months to go before Apple‘s expected to announce it, rumors/leaks regarding the iPhone 14 are in full force. There’s talk of hole-punch cutouts for the selfie camera and Face ID, new 48MP cameras, expanded 120Hz refresh rates, new A16 chipsets, etc. On top of all that, there’s lots of buzz regarding the possibility of a USB-C port on the iPhone 14.

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USB-C on the iPhone has been hotly debated for years. Apple‘s stuck with the same Lightning charging port since it introduced it on the iPhone 5 in 2012. While the Lightning port is small and easy to use, the iPhone is one of the few devices that still has it in 2022. MacBooks charge with USB-C, most iPad models have shifted to USB-C, and even some Beats earbuds (which are owned by Apple) charge with a USB-C port. Given the market’s continued shift towards USB-C, is that something we can expect on the iPhone 14? Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it. Given the latest leaks, rumors, and reports, the iPhone 14 almost certainly won’t support USB-C.

Why The iPhone 14 Probably Won’t Have USB-C

Source: Kenny Pi / YouTube

At the time of publication, legitimate-looking CAD renders have leaked for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro. On both models, the phones are designed with Lightning ports and not USB-C ones. Although CAD renders are never 100 percent accurate, they usually provide a good insight into an iPhone’s biggest design elements. If the iPhone 14 was going to have a USB-C port, we’d likely have seen it here. Furthermore, leaker LeaksApplePro wrote in April 2022 that Apple will continue to use the 10-year-old connector [Lightning]” on the iPhone 14 series. While it’s impossible to say why Apple’s not using USB-C on the iPhone 14, LeaksApplePro suggests it could be due to Apple not wanting to forgo all the licensing money it currently makes from Lightning accessories.

But that doesn’t mean there will never be an iPhone with USB-C. Although we probably won’t have USB-C on the iPhone 14, Apple could be forced to include it on later generations. The European Union is attempting to pass legislation that would require a common charger for smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. That ‘common charger’ is USB-C. If the law is approved, Apple would have to ship and sell iPhones with USB-C — not Lightning.

But that’s something to worry about for iPhones coming out in the next few years. Looking specifically at the iPhone 14, it’s all but guaranteed that nothing will change. It’ll still use Lightning, there won’t be a USB-C port, and that’s all there is to it. The Apple iPhone 14 series has plenty of other features to get excited about, but unfortunately, USB-C probably isn’t one of them.