Multiple tipsters have claimed that Google is working on a ‘Pixel Watch Fit,’ which could either be the name of the upcoming Pixel Watch or, more likely, an entirely different device. By all accounts, Google’s long-rumored Pixel Watch will finally hit retail shelves this year, with multiple reports over the past several weeks detailing many of its features and functionality. In addition, Google recently applied to trademark the ‘Pixel Watch’ name, seemingly confirming long-standing rumors about a ‘Made-by-Google’ smartwatch, but the new report now casts doubt over its name.

The most significant new leak about the Pixel Watch came over the weekend when someone left the device behind in a restaurant and was found by a keen-eyed observer who took its photos and shared them with AndroidCental. The device, which is seemingly meant for internal testing, had a round face with a curved screen, confirming much of the design rumors. However, not much was gleaned about the software as the device was non-functional and showed only a boot screen with the Google logo when powered on.

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Tipster ShrimpApplePro tweeted about a device called the Pixel Watch Fit that will reportedly have thick bezels and a price of around $400. However, according to their source, who’s said to have looked at leaked images, it isn’t clear if the Pixel Watch Fit is a separate device from the long-rumored Pixel Watch or the official name of the same device that has been extensively leaked over the past few months.

Pixel Watch And Pixel Watch Fit: Different Variants Of The Same Device?

Google Pixel Watch render next to Google 'G' logo

Another Tipster, @chunvn8888, backed up ShrimpApplePro’s claims by quoting a different source who revealed even more information about the Pixel Watch Fit. Apparently, the device is being manufactured in the Vinh Phuc province in Vietnam, possibly at the same factory that manufactured the Pixel 4a and Pixel 5. Employees of the contract manufacturer also reportedly call it the Pixel Watch Fit. However, again, it isn’t entirely clear whether it’s the much-rumored Pixel Watch itself or a different variant.

Another person who also backed up claims of the Pixel Watch Fit name is render artist @ianzelbo, who claims to have seen two different models of the Pixel Watch. According to their tweet, the Pixel Watch has an aluminum version and a stainless steel model, with the former possibly being named the Pixel Watch Fit. If that is correct, it means Google might launch two different versions of the upcoming watch — a standard Pixel Watch and a Pixel Watch Fit, with the latter possibly aimed at sports enthusiasts. Either way, Google will likely clear up the confusion when it finally announces the Pixel Watch next month.