Growing a large TikTok audience is easier said than done, and for some users, they’re trying to take a shortcut with the viral ‘TikTok share bot.’ Any social media app can be used to build a following. Some people use Twitter, others use Snapchat, and some folks have a lot of success with Instagram. This is also an area where TikTok has been immensely popular.

While standing out on any social media platform is difficult, TikTok’s For You page makes doing so significantly easier. Where your Twitter posts or Instagram photos may get little-to-no interaction, TikTok’s content algorithms drive viewers to just about everyone — leading many TikTok users to get thousands (if not millions) of views despite not being able to get much traction on competing apps. But not everything is a piece of cake. While you may get one or two videos that go viral on TikTok, maintaining that momentum and continuing to grow your audience is where things get tricky.

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That’s where the TikTok Share Bot comes into play. As of April 2022, TikTok is flooded with people showing how to rack up hundreds, thousands, and millions of shares with the ‘TikTok share bot’ website. The more shares a video has, the more likely it is to be seen by other people on TikTok. And the more people that see your videos, the more likes and followers you stand to gain. If you want to use the TikTok share bot for yourself, doing so is surprisingly simple. Just hop on your computer, find the share bot on the Replit website, enter the video link, and enter how many shares you want. The video is instantly flooded with share after share — increasing the chances of how many people will see it.

Why You Shouldn’t Use The TikTok Share Bot

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If the TikTok share bot sounds too good to be true, that’s because it kind of is. On a technical level, the share bot is doing exactly what it advertises. Your videos do get a tremendous number of shares. But those shares come from randomly-generated bots — not real people. So while your videos are getting shared, those shares aren’t legitimate.

Why does any of this matter? TikTok has strict guidelines against these share bots. Per TikTok’s official Community Guidelines, “fake engagement includes any content or activity that seeks to artificially inflate popularity on the platform.” And that kind of ‘fake engagement’ is explicitly prohibited by TikTok. In other words, using a share bot to artificially boost the shares on your videos goes against TikTok’s rules and could get your account banned if TikTok finds out.

Is that risk worth it? It almost definitely isn’t. If TikTok catches a video with 200,000 shares and only a couple hundred views, that’s a sure sign that someone used a share bot on it. And as share bots get more and more popular, that only alerts TikTok to be more aware of people trying to game the system. The prospect of instantly getting millions of shares on a video sounds appealing, but unless you want to end up on TikTok’s bad side, you’re better off ignoring the share bot and building your audience the honest way.