WhatsApp allows users to access particular chats quickly by pinning them. However, pinning chats is not the only useful feature that helps users organize their inboxes. WhatsApp also allows users to Archive chats and keep them in a completely different section. If users may, they can consider the new Archive section as a separate inbox where only the conversations they have selected show up. Although, WhatsApp does not show notifications from the Archive section.

Most recently, the platform is said to roll out the extended limit of participants for voice calls. While WhatsApp allowed eight participants, it has now increased the limit to 32 participants, which is a significant improvement. In addition, the Meta-owned instant messaging platform has rolled out updated designs for voice message bubbles and information screens for groups. The feature was spotted by WABetaInfo, who shared a screenshot via its Twitter handle.

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While texting with people on WhatsApp, keeping track of a particular chat might get tricky. The way WhatsApp works, every time a user receives a new message, that specific chat shows up at the top, pushing all the other conversations down. Imagine finding a discussion in an inbox full of individual and group chats messages. Doesn’t it sound like a tedious task? Especially when users need to access some important information in one of the chats. WhatsApp has thought of such scenarios as it provides users with a feature to ‘Pin’ chats.

Pin Chats On WhatsApp

How to save messages on WhatsApp

Pinning a chat keeps it at the top whether users receive other messages or not. This feature can be convenient when users need to access a particular discussion constantly. Android users have to tap and hold the chat and select the ‘paper pin’ icon from the menu that appears at the top of the display to pin a chat. On the other hand, iPhone users should swipe right on the chat and tap ‘Pin.’ Once a chat is pinned, both Android and iPhone users will see that particular chat first when they open WhatsApp, as it pins the chat at the top of the inbox menu.

When users feel like they do not want a pinned chat anymore, they can repeat the steps explained above but select the ‘Unpin chat’ icon from the menu at the top (Android) or simply tap on ‘Unpin’ (iPhone). It is worth mentioning that users can pin a maximum of three chats at a time on WhatsApp, so they might have to use the feature with some thought. Additionally, when chats are pinned, a small paper pin icon appears towards the right of the contact name.