Users can start Apple‘s Shazam song recognition quickly and easily on almost any Apple device. That means the user will never be stuck wondering what that great new song is called and how to get it. It only takes a few seconds for an iPhone, Mac, or other Apple device to listen to a snippet of music and identify the song with additional information and links to purchase or playback on the user’s device.

Music is vital to Apple, and the iPod was one of its first big consumer successes after the first Apple computer and Macintosh models began to fade from awareness. It was a Windows PC world, and things were looking grim for what is now one of the most successful companies in the world. Soon after its introduction, iPod grew to become the most popular music player on the market, cementing Apple as a music-focused company as well as a computer manufacturer.

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Shazam is Apple’s music recognition software that’s built right into the iPhone and iPad. This feature is easy to activate from the Control Center of an iPhone, but it’s also possible to use Shazam on an Apple Watch and a Mac computer by installing the app. A user can ask Siri to ‘Shazam this song’ with a variety of Apple devices, including a HomePod, iPod Touch, as well as the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac. With the Shazam app installed on a Mac, users can place it in the menu bar for easy access. A Shazam complication can be added to the Apple Watch to start the music recognition process with a single tap. Probably the fastest of all is the Shazam widget for an iPhone or iPad, matching the Apple Watch’s one-tap launch but using the quicker processor to analyze the song.

Shazam For Android

Apple also makes the Shazam app available for Android users and keeps it updated as well. The app is free, and since it has a direct tie-in with Apple Music, it’s a win-win for Apple and the user. Google Assistant can identify songs as well. However, the Shazam app maintains an excellent, nearly five-star rating with millions of downloads, providing a better experience for many users.

Shazam doesn’t have an app for Apple TV and doesn’t support AirPods. However, most of those users own an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, making it a bit redundant to include this feature on literally every product. Apple covers song recognition on every device that includes a screen, plus the HomePod, which is extensive coverage making it easy to identify music anytime and anywhere.