The long-rumored Google Pixel Watch appears to have made its first public appearance, surprisingly left behind at a restaurant and found by someone else who took photos of the new smartwatch. This type of embarrassing mistake is one reason why it’s so hard for manufacturers to keep the details of new products secret. On the other hand, it provides a bit of free advertising for Google, so it isn’t all bad when leaks happen.

Despite developing one of the most popular operating systems for smartwatches Android Wear, which later became Wear OS, Google has never created a watch of its own. The search giant’s Nexus line included tablets and smartphones powered by Google’s Android. Google’s Chrome OS provides a lightweight yet stable operating system for the Chromebook Pixel and Pixelbook laptops. Wear OS stands alone as system software that relies on other manufacturers to build devices. Now, finally, it seems a Pixel Watch will soon arrive to fill that gap.

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The supposed Pixel Watch appears to be quite similar to renders that have been shared recently by leakers. The design is very attractive with a round face and curved screen. Unfortunately, the device wasn’t working and showed only a boot screen with the Google logo when an attempt was made to power it on. However, photos were taken from several angles revealing quite a lot about the design. The smartwatch itself, a blue band and a product box were discovered. The bottom of the box, which Android Central obscured, apparently included a note stating, “This device has not been authorized as required by the rules of the Federal Communications Commission and Industry Canada, nor has it been tested for compliance with EU regulations,” also noting that the device is for internal testing.

Pixel Watch Controls & Band

Google Pixel Watch Via Android Central

The overall size and thickness of the supposed Pixel Watch seem normal for a smartwatch, and the face appears completely black when powered off. The back of this particular Pixel Watch is silver metallic, with the center back appearing to be glass with the usual heart rate sensors. The side reveals a knurled crown and what seems to be one button above and one below the crown, each flush with the watch’s body. The band appears to be a silicone sport band with a standard soft buckle with multiple holes on one side to adjust the length.

An interesting detail is that the Pixel Watch might interact with its band since there appear to be pogo pins in the connector where the band attaches to the watch. This could be exclusive to the test model or perhaps accessory bands will provide extra power or sensors. There was no apparent charging port suggesting wireless charging or charging through the band connector. While Google’s Pixel Watch has been rumored for many years, it appears the wait is nearly over, and perhaps more will be revealed at Google’s I/O event, which is coming up in a couple of weeks.