For Apple Watch Series 6 users experiencing issues with their screens going blank, Apple has announced a service program to fix the problem. This isn’t the first service program the tech company has launched. The most recent one was in August of last year for a sound issue on the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. That was the only one for 2021, but there were four in 2020 for sound, touch, battery and blank screen issues. A software update can solve most bugs, but some need more hands-on attention.

Apple announced the Watch Series 6 on Sept. 15, 2020. It had a blood oxygen (SpO2) sensor that measured oxygen levels in fifteen seconds. Unfortunately, not long later, it was revealed that this was unreliable. Last year, the watch’s altitude feature also gave users issues by showing inaccurate readings. Luckily, it did come with excellent features that users liked, including a handy sleep tracking feature and new bands called Solo Loops in seven different colors that were also waterproof.

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The latest issue with the 40 mm Apple Watch Series 6 seems to be that some watches are turning blank permanently. The company says this is happening in a small percentage of devices “manufactured between April 2021 [and] September 2021.” Apple has set up a service program where users can get their watches fixed. It is free of charge for eligible Apple Watch Series 6 devices for two years after purchase. The user just needs to go to the Apple Service Program page for this issue and enter their serial number. It’s easy to find the serial number by going to the Settings app on the Apple watch, then selecting General > About. Finally, scroll down to the Serial Number or IMEI.

Ways To Get Your Apple Watch Series 6 Repaired

Apple has also given users three ways to get their watches repaired: Apple Authorized Service Provider, retail store or mail-in service. The service program page has handy links for the users to find a provider, store or contact Apple Support to coordinate the repairs through the Apple Repair Center. Users should note that they will need to unpair their watch with their iPhones and remove the Apple Watch Band before mailing or taking the watch in to be repaired.

Apple also notes that if the Apple Watch has any other issues, those will need to be fixed before making this repair. This program is not for any other Apple Watches, so if users see similar problems, they will have to contact Apple directly. If users discover that their Watch Series 6 is affected by this problem, they should take their watch in for repair asap, seeing as this won’t be free forever.