The Mac computer has built-in window management tools, and while they are quite limited compared to what’s possible on Windows 11, there are several apps that can fill the gap. To be fair, the latest version of macOS brings major improvements with a bit of window snapping possible. It’s hard to understand why Apple didn’t do more though.

The Mac is much more adjustable than an iPad or iPhone, which are quite rigidly controlled. That’s on purpose since Apple treats its mobile devices more like appliances than computers, keeping the user interface design consistent for ease of use and reliable operation. A Mac computer is meant for someone looking for more power and flexibility and the reins are loosened considerably. For example, apps can be downloaded and installed from the internet, rather than only from the App Store. User interface controls and system operations can even be altered significantly by third-party apps.

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Featured recently in Apple‘s Mac App Store, BetterSnapTool costs just $3, yet greatly improves window organization, allowing quick and intuitive layouts. This powerful utility snaps windows into vertical splits by dragging to an edge, opens four-way quadrants when moved to a corner, or in full-screen by positioning at the top-center. The gestures deliver an easily understood result that soon becomes part of muscle memory. It’s so much more convenient than the window controls of macOS that Apple should really consider buying the rights and implementing this feature natively. With BetterSnapTool, gestures and window layouts can be customized and keyboard shortcuts can be assigned to manage windows while the hands stay on the keys. It’s a game-changing app that provides instant access to two, three, and four-way window splits on macOS. Of course, there are other solutions such as the popular Magnet app which costs a bit more at $8.

Window Snapping On A Mac

Apple Mac macOS Split View Over Big Sur Wallpaper

Apple‘s own window-snapping for the Mac isn’t really that bad but simply feels incomplete in comparison to the more robust options available from the BetterSnapTool or Magnet apps. Windows can be split vertically by clicking and holding the green plus button at the top-left of a window until a menu appears. The only options are full-screen or a vertical split of two windows.

The tile option is nice if only two apps need to be used at once, since choosing Tile Window to Left of Screen does exactly that, then prompts the user to select a window for the right with thumbnails of available windows. It’s also possible to start with a tile to the right. While the Mac doesn’t offer a built-in way to use three or four-way splits as Windows 11 does, users can rely on third-party apps to lend a hand.