Samsung and The Pokémon Company are partnering together for a special edition of the Galaxy Z Flip 3. A lot of phone companies launch special edition phones periodically. These phones are usually tied to pop culture and are generally available in limited quantities that are sometimes priced higher than the standard edition.

When the Galaxy Z Flip 3 was announced in 2021, Samsung announced a Thom Browne Edition. Shortly afterward, it partnered with South Korean menswear brand, Wooyoungmi, for a special edition of both the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 3. It also announced a Bespoke Edition that allowed buyers to customize the phone’s colors beyond the standard options that were available at launch.

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The Galaxy Z Flip 3 is the best-selling foldable smartphone, and its popularity is about to soar even higher. Samsung has announced on its Korean website that a Pokémon Edition will be launched on April 25. The tech giant has put up a microsite teasing the phone’s arrival, and it reveals all of the exciting items that make up the special edition bundle. The Galaxy Z Flip 3 Pokémon Edition will join the handful of limited edition variants the phone has gotten since its launch in 2021.

A Treat For Pokémon Fans

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

For its collaboration with The Pokémon Company, Samsung appears to be keeping the customizations tied to just accessories. The microsite shows the phone will ship in a red box along with several Pokémon-themed accessories and gifts. Unfortunately, the phone itself doesn’t have any customization as it is just the Phantom Black colorway. However, those who get the chance to purchase it can expect to be greeted with a customized Pokémon theme complete with icons and wallpapers when they power it on.

Additionally, users will be able to customize the phone’s exterior with the included accessories. There is a Clear Cover with a Ring Case with two Pikachu-themed accessories that can be attached to it. There is also a pop socket with a design similar to a Poké Ball, a Pokémon-themed pouch, a key holder shaped like Pikachu’s lightning-shaped tail included in the box, and a set of Pokémon cards. If Samsung wasn’t trying to make more money from selling a limited edition, Samsung could sell these accessories separately. Unfortunately, there is currently no information about the price of the Galaxy Z Flip Pokémon Edition, and nor are there details about its availability outside of South Korea.