TikTok has endless tools for creating and editing your videos, but is it possible to remove filters from other people’s videos? While some TikTok creators make simple videos with very little editing, anyone who wants to be more creative is free to do so. TikTok’s editing features are surprisingly robust for being a casual smartphone app. Users can add filters, dramatic effects, speed adjustments, timers, etc.  It all takes some getting used to, but once you’re familiar with what’s available, it doesn’t take long to create wild-looking clips.

Part of this is thanks to all of the effects and filters TikTok offers. Want to give your video a fun pop of color or a crazy AR effect? All you need to do is tap a couple of buttons. The Filters section has different filters for portrait, landscape, food, and more. The Effects page is even crazier. This is where you’ll find effects that alter your voice, add AR effects on top of your body, or let you play with a virtual green screen.

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Applying TikTok filters is easy enough – but how do you remove them? If you want to remove filters from your own videos, simply tap the applied filters, and they disappear. But what about removing filters from other people’s videos? This is where things get tricky. A quick look online shows multiple articles claiming to have tips for removing filters from other TikTok videos. In reality, this simply isn’t possible.

It’s Impossible To Remove Filters From Other TikToks

TikTok's Rotoscope effect

When someone uploads a video to TikTok, it’s uploaded as a normal video file. If a filter or effect has been applied, the file acts like that’s how the video has always been. It’s the same as a YouTube video or a show you downloaded from Netflix. You can’t go in after the fact and remove special effects the creators added. You can remove filters from TikTok videos, but only if you’re currently editing/creating your own video. It’s impossible to remove filters from other TikTok videos uploaded by someone else.

Furthermore, it’s important to remember this despite what other people may say online. Some folks claim to have special apps or websites that can remove TikTok filters from videos. If you see these claims yourself, it’s best to ignore them and move on. It’s technically impossible to remove filters from TikTok videos, and it’s highly unlikely that TikTok will ever offer an official way of doing so.