One of the most frustrating experiences that can happen when taking a call on an iPhone or an Android phone is an accidental hang-up. It’s both startling and puzzling how that could happen. In some cases, it might be due to the cellular signal being lost, but as network coverage continues to improve, it’s more likely to be caused by the user accidentally pressing the power button on the phone.

The age of the smartphone expanded mobility as much as the automobile did. While a car allows a person to cover great distances, an iPhone or Android phone makes it possible to do so without losing touch with friends, family, and coworkers. It’s a modern miracle to watch TV shows, browse the web, and check email at some remote location.

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Of course, a smartphone can also make and receive phone calls, which is usually very reliable. Unfortunately, pressing the power button might unexpectedly disconnect a call in progress. Google must have realized that this behavior could be an issue for some users. On Android phones, there’s an option to switch this feature off in the ‘Settings’ app in the ‘Accessibility’ section under ‘System control.’ Once the toggle switch is found, its usage is clear since it’s labeled ‘Power button ends call.’ Switch it off to allow the Power button to sleep without disconnecting a call. Apple took a different approach with the iPhone.

iPhone Calls & The Side Button

iPhone 13 Render With Power Wake Sleep Button Highlighted

There isn’t an option to change whether the side button ends a call on an iPhone, but it typically isn’t a problem. In truth, there’s no need to put the display to sleep or lock the iPhone after answering a call. When the iPhone is held up to the ear, the screen switches off, then brightens again when taken away from the ear. As a result, on-screen buttons can’t be accidentally tapped when held up to the ear, and the side button is disabled. When lowered again, pressing the side button does end a call, so the only potential for an accidental hang-up is when taking the iPhone away from the ear to switch to the speaker or use the dial pad.

When using an iPhone in speakerphone mode or with a headset, the side button puts the display to sleep as expected but doesn’t disconnect the call. If accidental disconnections are a problem, it might be best to use the speakerphone option or connect a headset, which allows the side button to behave as it usually does. Android phone’s handling of the side button isn’t as nuanced. If the Power button hang-up is enabled, it doesn’t matter whether a headset or speakerphone is used. The call will still be disconnected. Even if the phone is held to the ear, pressing the power button causes the call to end. Android has more options, but in this case, the iPhone just works better.