While rumors suggest that the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8 won’t have many new hardware features, Apple should provide some nice upgrades in watchOS 9. As usual, some new features will become available to previous generations, and some will not. It can be challenging to understand why older Apple Watch models are excluded sometimes, particularly if the software feature is unrelated to new sensors.

The truth is that some software features probably could work on older models. However, Apple maintains high standards for the Apple Watch. Sluggish performance is not allowed, and each new generation benefits from a faster processor, enabling more complex calculations to be handled quickly without compromising accuracy. A perfect example is the QuickPath keyboard introduced with the Apple Watch Series 7. In earlier models, the slightly smaller screens and slower processors might have made the experience usable but frustrating.

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Apple Watch Series 8 might not get many new hardware features, yet the software could get some nice upgrades, according to Bloomberg’s latest PowerOn Newsletter. watchOS 9 is expected to include atrial fibrillation (AFib) burden detection that takes place over some time, rather than a snapshot at a given moment which is less valuable. This is similar to a feature Google added to several Fitbit models recently, so it makes sense that Apple would feel a need to keep up. The Apple Watch Series 8 might also benefit from a more capable low-power mode that allows more apps to run. Currently, only the clock app is allowed in low-power mode. In addition, new sleep, women’s health, and medication tracking features are said to be coming, along with new workouts and watch faces.

Apple Watch Series 8 Hardware

Apple Watch ECG With Oximeter Sensor Background

According to Bloomberg’s PowerOn Newsletter, satellite connectivity might be one of the best hardware features coming. This could allow the user to send short text messages or send SOS alerts to emergency services when cellular service and Wi-Fi are unavailable. This would build upon the Apple Watch’s health features and enable more confidence when taking longer hikes into areas that might be out of cellular range.

The only new sensor predicted for the Apple Watch Series 8 measures body temperature. Over the last few years, it’s been made clear that it is an essential metric since a high temperature was a quick way to identify a potential COVID infection. Fevers are the body’s response to various illnesses and can be helpful to track body states, such as the drop in heat associated with sleep. The Apple Watch Series 8 should be an interesting new device to look forward to in the fall of 2022.