Apple Music is a great streaming app when it works — but what should someone do if they keep getting a ‘Cannot Connect’ error? Bugs and glitches are a regular occurrence for some smartphone apps. Sometimes a bad update introduces unwanted bugs. A server issue could also be affecting an app. Or maybe an underlying problem with your phone is to blame. Whatever the issue is, it’s never fun when your apps don’t work the way you expect them to.

For the most part, Apple Music is one of the better music streaming apps available. It has a library of over 90 million songs, thousands of curated playlists, spatial audio support, and works on everything from iPhones to Android handsets. It’s a solid alternative to Spotify and Amazon Music, and for some people, it may be even better than its competitors.

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But that all assumes Apple Music is functioning properly. Regular users of the app have likely encountered an error message that says Apple Music ‘Cannot Connect.’ The Cannot Connect error usually stops the entire app from working, and while there is a ‘Try Again’ button, tapping it often doesn’t do anything. If you see Apple Music’s Cannot Connect error, the first thing you should check is Apple’s System Status page. The System Status page shows any ongoing server issues with Apple services. If that page indicates there’s a problem with Apple Music, you’ll need to wait for Apple to fix the problem on its end. But if there’s a green dot next to Apple Music, it’s something you need to fix.

How To Fix Apple Music’s Cannot Connect Error

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In this case, the next step is to double-check your internet connection. Open a web browser on your device and try visiting a website. If it doesn’t load, there’s probably something wrong with your device’s internet. Try switching to mobile data if you’re on Wi-Fi (or vice versa). If the website loads after that, open the Apple Music app again and it should be back to normal.

If your internet connection is working and Apple Music is still showing the Cannot Connect error, the next step is to check for any available software updates for your device. If an update is available, download it, wait for it to install, and see if things are working again. If issues still persist (and you use Apple Music on an Apple device), Apple recommends checking your date and time settings. If the date and time are incorrect, you may need to manually update them or enable automatic time settings. On the iPhone and iPad, you can find these settings when you open the Settings app, tap ‘General,’ and tap ‘Date & Time.’ On Macs, you need to open System Preferences and then click ‘Date & Time.’

Should you follow these steps and keep seeing Cannot Connect on Apple Music, the final solution is to contact Apple Support and see if someone on the support team can lend a hand. Most folks shouldn’t need to do this, but if you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work, someone at Apple should be able to get to the bottom of it.