Google Pixel 6 has yet another bug, this time declining phone calls. The latest Pixel phones were launched in Oct. 2021 and have suffered from several issues since then. Most recently, the Pixel 6 smartphones’ vibration intensity was lacking, but there were a few ways to fix that. The phone also had wi-fi issues and turned off when people used the camera.

Not receiving phone calls is not just an annoying issue. It could cause problems if a user misses an important call. For example, a family member could be hurt or a spouse could be calling about a child’s school pick up. No one wants to miss either of these phone calls. And considering the primary point of a phone is for a user’s contacts to get in touch with them, this is a big concern. Especially when more and more people only have a cell phone and have gotten rid of their landlines.

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Reddit user u/merryjaina spotted the latest Pixel 6 bug, and several other users said they had experienced the same thing. The user said it’s happening on their Pixel 6 Pro and has declined calls without them knowing about it. Their friends have tried to call them, but they have no missed call notifications. The calls do show up in the call log but as declined. The user also noted that it’s only happening with saved contacts, not unknown numbers. The calls also don’t come through on the phone’s display. They just automatically get declined. Another user said that their calls weren’t rejected but went straight to voice mail, and they were typically calls from the doctor. It’s happening on both the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.

Is There A Fix For The Bug?

Google Pixel 6 Pro In The Clouds

Google hasn’t commented on the latest issue with its Pixel 6 phones. Users are hoping that a fix will come with the Android 13 update, which is expected later this year. While people are waiting for the update, there might be a fix to this bug. A user in the thread said it could be due to the ‘Do Not Disturb’ settings. They said that when they enabled “some wonky scheduling rules,” they weren’t getting all the calls from their starred contacts. To update this setting, the user just has to go to Settings > Notifications > Do Not Disturb > Schedules.

Unfortunately, u/merryjaina said this didn’t fix the issue. So in the meantime, users will have to check their call log to ensure they haven’t missed any important calls. It’s unclear what is causing the bug, but one user suggested that it’s Google’s artificial intelligence, and they believe that the phone is meant more for taking pictures than phone calls. At this point, it’s all speculation until Google gives a comment or serves up a fix.