Clubhouse has finally rolled out a dark mode for users on Android and iOS. It’s quite common for apps to offer a dark mode option. However, Clubhouse took slightly longer to come up with one. The voice-based social media app was launched in 2020 and only admitted users on an invite-basis at the time. It wasn’t until July 2021 that Clubhouse came out of beta and opened up to everyone. Since then, the platform has added quite a few new features like the ability to join rooms via web browsers and an improved share button.

In Feb. 2022, Clubhouse introduced in-room chat. The feature allows users to communicate via text in a Clubhouse room. Hosts now have the option to enable room chat from settings, allowing both moderators and listeners to send and receive text messages during a live room. Clubhouse also allows moderators to delete inappropriate messages when required. While the chat feature can only be enabled by hosts, the new dark mode option can be turned on by all Clubhouse users.

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Clubhouse confirmed that dark has started rolling out and is available on both the Android and iOS apps. Clubhouse knows that it took longer than expected to release a dark mode and acknowledges this in the press release. “While it might have taken us longer than what would be considered fast or reasonable or at all acceptable by human standards, the wait is finally over.” The company also explained that the feature might take a while to roll out to all users.

Enable Clubhouse’s Dark Mode Through The Settings

Clubhouse dark mode

To enable dark mode in Clubhouse, tap on the user profile in the top right corner and then on the ‘gear’ icon to open the Settings menu. There should be a Dark Mode listed. If not, check if the app has been updated to the latest version. Clubhouse gives users two options here. The Always Dark Mode changes the app’s theme to dark irrespective of the theme used by the smartphone. The other option is User Device Settings which will match the Clubhouse theme to the current theme of the device.

Dark mode is not only easier on the eyes, but can also help to conserve battery life. Instead of using deep blacks, the theme is “light, but not too light, text on a velvety dark background,” according to Clubhouse. While the official dark mode is only rolling out now, Clubhouse users have previously been able to force apply a dark mode using their phone’s theme.