The launch date for Apple‘s upcoming mixed reality headset has reportedly been delayed. The report comes a few days after Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman claimed that Apple might launch the device during the iOS 16 cycle, which should stretch from this summer to next fall. The company will also reportedly use the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference event to give developers a glimpse of rOS (Reality Operating System), reportedly the core software of the mixed reality headset.

Multiple reports over the past year have claimed that Apple has been working on an AR/VR headset for some time. While the company has yet to confirm whether it has such a device in the pipeline, that isn’t stopping the rumor mills from churning out reports every few days. The persistent leaks have revealed some interesting aspects of the upcoming device, although most of the critical features and functionality are still under wraps.

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According to a new research note from Haitong International Securities analyst Jeff Pu, Apple’s mixed reality headset has been delayed until at least 2023. While earlier reports suggested that it might be released later this year, Pu claims that it will only be released in the first quarter of next year. He also says that Apple is planning to sell between one and 1.5 million units of the new device in its first year. The report comes from 9to5Mac, which claims to have seen Pu’s research note.

Powered By An In-House Chip?

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Pu has confirmed reports that the headset will be powered by Apple’s in-house chip, although he didn’t reveal any additional details. According to the report, the device will have “more than 10 sensors” from various vendors, including Sony, Will Semi, Sunny Optical and others. As for why the latest delay, there’s no word on that from Pu, but a report from earlier this year also suggested that the device could be delayed until next year due to multiple hardware and software issues, so it’s interesting to see if that’s what’s going on here.

An earlier report from renowned TF Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggested that Apple could announce the mixed reality device in late 2022, but only in limited quantities, possibly due to supply chain issues. However, it now looks like Apple would rather take the extra time to sort out all supply problems and fix every last kink in the device before launching it on the market. Meanwhile, 9to5Mac also speculates that Apple could unveil its mixed reality headset later this year before making it available for purchase next year. While that can still happen, it will be atypical of Apple, which means the announcement could come closer to the actual launch date.