Omegle is a popular video chatting app that’s been around for years, and if you’ve been banned from the website for whatever reason, trying to get unbanned can be quite tricky. Video chatting in 2022 is more common than ever. Thanks to apps like FaceTime, Zoom, Google Duo, and Microsoft Teams, there are numerous ways to have a video call with friends, family, work colleagues, etc.

Among all those, another popular video chatting website is Omegle. Launched in 2009, Omegle works differently from the apps mentioned above. Instead of choosing who you want to chat with, video calls on Omegle are completely random. Simply visit the Omegle website, click the ‘Video’ button, and you’re instantly video chatting with a random user.

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As easy as it is to use Omegle, some users may find that they’ve gotten banned from the website. There are some instances where a ban makes sense. If someone’s using Omegle to spread harmful content or harass other users, reporting them to a moderator is a sure-fire way to ban them. But there are less obvious actions — such as leaving too many calls in a row — that can also get you banned. If you’re a regular Omegle user and are trying to get your account unbanned, here’s what you need to know.

Ways To Get Unbanned From Omegle

Google One VPN running on an iPhone

In most instances, an Omegle ban is temporary and automatically lifts after a certain time. Temporary bans can last as short as a week and be as long as a few months. The length of the ban ultimately depends on why Omegle banned your account. If you dropped too many calls because of a weak internet connection, the ban will likely last just a few days. But if someone reported you for inappropriate language or something more serious, you’re probably looking at a longer ban.

It’s also possible that Omegle will permanently ban a user. If someone’s been banned multiple times and/or broke part of Omegle’s Terms of Service, chances are they’ll get banned indefinitely. In these instances, Omegle offers no option to unban the account. There’s no appeal form that someone can fill out or a customer service number/email to contact. If Omegle has decided to ban you, you’re permanently banned with no option to change it.

The only workaround to a permanent Omegle ban is to use a VPN. Unlike most video chatting apps, Omegle users aren’t tied to an account. Instead, Omegle tracks everyone by the IP address of the phone/computer they’re visiting the website from. Since a VPN changes your IP address, you can use it to access Omegle even if you’re banned. Some of the most popular VPNs include NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and Surfshark. These aren’t official ways to unban yourself from Omegle, but they’re the only real options you have in that situation.