For people who always read food labels, an iPhone can be a great time-saving tool when paired with the Soosee app. Checking labels is necessary for people who have food allergies, dietary restrictions, or those who simply prefer to avoid certain ingredients. For others, product labels can help identify how healthy a packaged food item is.

The iPhone App Store has plenty of social media apps and games but there are a wide variety of other categories. In the food section, there are many recommendation apps, easy-to-browse recipe guides of all types, and food logging apps that track various metrics. A popular category is food delivery apps that allow home delivery of food or let users order food remotely and pick it up later. With a few of these apps, iPhone users can manage all of their food purchasing and tracking needs.

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A free app that was recently featured on the App Store for the iPhone can be a great help to people with food allergies and other dietary requirements. Rather than laboriously reading through long product labels that are often in tiny print, the Soosee app uses the iPhone camera to quickly scan the food label for the user. The app highlights any potentially unacceptable ingredients using categories that the user chooses, such as common allergies, a vegan lifestyle, pregnancy, foods that have a high environmental impact, unwanted additives, general health concerns, and more. There are more than 30 categories built-in and the user can create custom categories of their own.

iPhone & Apple Watch Food Travel Cards

Apple iPhone Soosee App Travel cards

The Soosee iPhone app also includes helpful travel cards with translations of various food restrictions and common requests. This part of the app also works on the Apple Watch, making it quick and easy to communicate at a restaurant and politely ask for substitutions or special orders when traveling. It’s a brilliant idea and includes several common diet restrictions. Supported languages include Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish.

The app offers different subscription options, however, a large number of its features are included for free. A subscription lets users add more than one custom scan category, for example, ‘whole food, plant based’ and ‘vegan, no oil,’. This and a few other extra features make it more useful for families or groups with varying diets. The monthly $1.99 cost can be reduced to $14.49 per year or $16.99 for a lifetime subscription, with the latter clearly offering the best value. If allergies, dietary restrictions, or lifestyle choices require frequent reading of food labels, Soosee might be a must-have app for the iPhone.