Apple just confirmed the dates for WWDC 2022 — the developer conference where we expect to see iOS 16, a new macOS version, and plenty more. Out of all the big tech events and press conferences throughout the year, Apple‘s gatherings are often the most exciting to look forward to. This is where we get announcements for new iPhones, iPads, Macs, etc.

In addition to its big hardware unveilings, Apple also holds a yearly Worldwide Developer Conference (better known as WWDC). WWDC is where Apple announces its latest software versions – including big updates to iOS, macOS, and watchOS. WWDC has also been home to some of Apple‘s more interesting hardware announcements. From the HomePod to the 2019 Mac Pro, WWDC’s no stranger to exciting Apple gadgets.

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Hot off the heels of Apple’s ‘Peek Performance’ event, where it launched the iPhone SE 3 and Mac Studio, Apple’s now announced the dates for WWDC 2022. This year’s developer conference is happening between June 6 and 10, and just like last year, it’ll be a virtual gathering. From the opening keynote to guided developer workshops, most of WWDC is happening online again. Apple is adding a one-day in-person component “for developers and students” on June 6, but everything else is happening virtually.

Everything We’re Expecting From WWDC 2022

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Among all the software announcements expected from this year’s WWDC, iOS 16 is one of the most anticipated. iOS 15 added SharePlay, revamped notifications, and many changes to apps like FaceTime and Weather. iOS 16 leaks are still quite scarce, though some rumors suggest it’ll add interactive widgets (a much-requested feature since widgets were added in iOS 14). iPadOS 16 should also be present, likely with some additional productivity features to help iPadOS take greater advantage of the M1 chips in the current iPad Pro and iPad Air.

Beyond iPhone and iPad updates, WWDC 2022 should also give us announcements for watchOS 9, tvOS 16, and a new version of macOS. As for hardware announcements, things could either be very exciting or quite dull. Apple may tease rumored devices like the M1 Mac Pro and its long-awaited VR/AR glasses. There’s also a possibility we’ll get an unveiling of Apple’s M2 chips. Alternatively, Apple could announce zero new hardware. That’s always the gamble with WWDC and part of what makes it so fun to watch.