The OnePlus 10 Pro has big specs, a flashy design, and a handful of colors for shoppers to choose from. But which OnePlus 10 Pro color is the best for you? While it may not be important to some people, picking your smartphone’s color can be a very personal decision. If you aren’t a fan of big and boastful colors, choosing a black or white phone makes the most sense. If you’d rather your phone look as unique as you are, you probably want something more vibrant.

Fun color choices are something OnePlus usually excels at with its smartphones. Last year’s OnePlus 9 Pro came in a reflective Morning Mist color and a stunning Pine Green hue paired with an excellent matte texture. We also saw some great colors for the OnePlus 8 Pro — including Onyx Black, Glacial Green, Ultramarine Blue, and Interstellar Glow. Combined with special edition handsets for properties like Pac-Man and Star Wars, and it’s safe to stay OnePlus isn’t afraid to express its creative side.

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So, what colors do we have for the latest OnePlus 10 Pro? To be honest, some folks might find the lineup a bit disappointing. Shoppers in the United States have just two colors to choose from: Volcanic Black and Emerald Forest. Both styles look fantastic and bring something unique to the table, but not having any other choices beyond those is upsetting. OnePlus also has a White Extreme color in China, but it’s not available anywhere outside the country at the time of publication.

OnePlus 10 Pro In Volcanic Black

OnePlus 10 Pro

Taking a closer look at the available colors, Volcanic Black is the simplest of the two. It has a matte black finish, a reflective black camera housing, and the whole thing looks as stealthy as can be. As OnePlus explains, “Volcanic Black sports matte frosted glass on its rear that is resistant to fingerprints and delivers a smooth, delicate feel in the hand.” And those claims hold up in daily use. The Volcanic Black 10 Pro feels smooth, doesn’t attract much attention, and does an excellent job hiding pesky fingerprints. Furthermore, if you look at Volcanic Black in the proper lighting, it has a textured pattern reminiscent of Sandstone Black from the OnePlus One.

OnePlus 10 Pro In Emerald Forest

OnePlus 10 Pro

Emerald Forest is the better choice if Volcanic Black is too bland for your personal taste. In its flashy marketing speak, OnePlus says the Emerald Forest color, “features anti-glare glass on its rear that has been etched to create a finish that sparkles when viewed from different angles.” It also has the same smooth and fingerprint-resistant texture as Volcanic Black. The only difference is that you’re getting a vibrant shade of green instead of matte black. And since the rear camera design still has its shiny black color, it pairs nicely with Emerald Forest for a fun two-tone design.

OnePlus 10 Pro In White Extreme

OnePlus 10 Pro Extreme Edition in Panda White

Lastly, while it’s currently exclusive to China, the White Extreme OnePlus 10 Pro looks so good that we have to at least mention it. The stark white back and black camera design give the White Extreme 10 Pro a panda/stormtrooper aesthetic. And it’s one that looks phenomenal. OnePlus hasn’t announced any plans for bringing White Extreme to the U.S., but if it does, it’ll make an excellent addition to the OnePlus 10 Pro’s color portfolio.