Apple is rolling out the iOS 15.4.1 update to all supported iPhones with a fix for a battery drain issue caused by iOS 15.4. While Apple releases a major iOS update every September, it pushes smaller updates throughout the year that add new features, improvements, and critical security fixes. For instance, the iOS 15.4 update enabled users to unlock their device with Face ID while wearing a mask.

Over the years, Apple has slowly and steadily built up an extensive ecosystem of devices that seamlessly connect to each other. This includes Apple‘s iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Watch, and other devices. The company has created its own operating system for all these devices, and more often than not, many receive a software update at the same time. The iOS 15.4 update for example was released alongside iPadOS 15.4, with the latter bringing the Universal Control feature to iPads.

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After the iOS 15.4 update was released, some iPhone users began reporting battery drain issues. The issue was discussed extensively on Apple’s community forums and social media platforms like Twitter. The Apple Support Twitter account even acknowledged the issue in a reply to a Twitter user. However, the company didn’t attribute the battery drain issue to iOS 15.4, and instead generalized it as a temporary issue caused by all software updates. The company appears to have taken the complaints seriously though, and has now released iOS 15.4.1 with a fix for the iPhone’s battery drain.

Bug Fixes In iOS 15.4.1

iPhone 13 with battery icon

The release notes for iOS 15.4.1 mention that it fixes an issue where “Battery may drain more quickly than expected after updating to iOS 15.4“. Apart from this, the update also fixes an issue with Braille devices that may become unresponsive while displaying an alert or navigating text. In addition, the latest iOS 15.4.1 update fixes Made for iPhone hearing devices that were losing connection when used with third-party applications. On the official support website, Apple also mentions that it has fixed the “AppleAVD” security issue which affected the iPhone 6s and later, allowing an application “to execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges.

This is not the first time that iPhones have experienced battery drain issues after an iOS update. The iOS 14.6 update released in June 2021 caused major battery problems for iPhone users, with some reporting that their devices ran out of charge within a few hours. For iPhone users who were affected by iOS 15.4, downloading the new iOS 15.4.1 patch should fix any battery problems.