Spotify is expanding its Blend feature, which creates curated playlists designed to mix the musical tastes of two users, to support as many as ten friends, family, and select artists. The personalized playlists were first introduced in the summer of 2021, and are based on listening history and saved tracks. Similar to Spotify Wrapped, which is a yearly collection of a user’s favorite tracks made to be shared on social media, each Blend playlist features its own cover art and can be reposted on social media. While the feature was originally limited to just two users, a new update makes it possible for an entire group to mingle their musical preferences.

The company has continued to provide new ways to use the streaming service in an attempt to entice users to switch from other alternatives, like Apple Music and Tidal. Unlike its competitors, Spotify has both free and premium options, and many of the company’s unique features are available on both tiers. Blend playlists were supported on free and premium accounts when they were first introduced, and the latest update to the feature maintains this universal support. It’s not the only unparalleled choice Spotify offers when creating a playlist — people can even make a playlist tailed for their pets.

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Spotify’s new update to Blend caters to the immense variety in a personalized, shared playlist. Since up to ten users can combine their musical preferences, the company’s algorithm can attempt to choose songs everyone will like. The playlists update daily, and can take some strain off of users who might typically make handcrafted playlists. For selective listeners, Blend playlists might fall short in fostering an enjoyable playlist. However, the company can estimate how similar a collection of users’ tastes match up. With a simple percentage, a group of friends and family members can view how compatible their preferences are in a Blend playlist, and post the results on social media.

How To Create Blend Playlists

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To create a Blend playlist on Spotify, simply enter ‘blend’ on the search page. After searching the term, the ‘Blend’ option will be listed first as a genre. Once the Blend page has been selected, there’s an option to view a user’s collection of Blend playlists and create new ones. People who are already added as friends on Spotify can be invited inside the app, and after a playlist is created, a ‘share card’ can be sent or posted on social media.

Perhaps the most interesting feature added to Blend in the latest update is the ability to create shared playlists based on a popular artist’s musical influences and preferences. There’s a total of 20 artists that can be added to Blend playlists at launch, including some of the most recognizable names in modern music. BTS, Kacey Musgraves, and Megan Thee Stallion highlight the selection of Blend-supported singers. The ‘share cards’ generated by Spotify will show how similar a user’s profile is to the chosen artists’ selections. With new updates adding support for up to ten friends and connections with a user’s favorite artists, Spotify has found another unique feature to set itself apart from the rest.