Meteors are a regular occurrence on Earth, and thanks to one perfectly timed video, someone captured a huge one soaring above their house in the night sky. While extremely small compared to the known universe, our Solar System is a unique and interesting place. It’s home to eight distinct planets, hundreds of moons, and our powerful Sun sits at the center of it all.

Also present in the Solar System are asteroids. To date, scientists have confirmed over one million asteroids just in our little Solar System. Some asteroids are the size of a car, others are as big as an airplane, and even larger ones can be bigger than Earth’s tallest skyscrapers. When these asteroids get close enough to Earth and get sucked into its atmosphere, they hurtle towards the surface as meteors.

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While that sounds scary, most meteors that hit Earth are insignificant. If they don’t burn up completely during their descent, they’re often so small upon impact that they don’t cause any notable damage. Still, they can create stunning sights and sounds as they travel through Earth’s sky. A gorgeous meteor was spotted over England in September 2021. This past January, a meteor in Pennsylvania caused a loud sonic boom. Now, Reddit user u/jondrover has shared a stunning video of a meteor flying past their house earlier this month.

A Gorgeous & Perfectly Timed Video

Person watching a meteor shower

The above video was captured on March 14, 2022, at 2:30 AM. Recorded from a smart doorbell, the meteor appears as a faint dot around the 3-second mark. It quickly lights up the night sky just a second later before fizzling out and whizzing past the house. While the meteor is only visible for a few seconds, it’s a gorgeous spectacle nonetheless.

What makes this video all the more special is how perfectly timed it was. If you watch it with your audio turned on, you’ll hear a big swoosh sound as the meteor passes by. However, that’s not the meteor making the noise. It’s actually an impeccably timed gust of wind. User u/GarbageBoyJr commented, “Man that tiny gust of wind could not have happened at a more coincidental time. Looks like that meteor is blasting a bunch of air as it started to burn up! So cool.” u/jondrover confirmed the wind noise in a reply, saying, “When I first heard the sound I was shocked too but my friend pointed out the wind. Perfectly timed wind.” Even if it was just sheer luck that made the video possible, it’s still a pretty impressive thing to look at.