There is a feature in WhatsApp that allows users to save messages on the app itself, and users can view the saved messages anytime they want. Over the years, WhatsApp has added more features to its application for providing users with a fluent experience. Recently, WhatsApp released the multi-device login feature, which allows users to access their WhatsApp account on up to four devices that will work independently. Previously, users could only access WhatsApp on other devices such as a desktop or a tablet if their smartphone had an active internet connection.

Other application features include group formation, message broadcasting, and encrypted audio calls. However, the Meta-owned instant messaging platform does not have an option to share large files. As of now, WhatsApp only allows users to share files that are less than 100MB in document form. While sending images and videos directly from the chat results in compression and loss of quality, a feature that allows users to share large files will be beneficial for users.

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While chatting with other people on WhatsApp, users might want to save a message. The message could be about details about the venue for an event, something to remember while shopping, or simply a contact number that one has arranged over WhatsApp. Now, there are two ways to save this message. First, users can copy the particular message and paste it into the note-taking application on their smartphone. It could be Apple Notes for those who use an iPhone or an application like Samsung Notes for those who use Samsung’s smartphone. However, there is a more straightforward way to save messages on WhatsApp itself. The platform has a feature that enables users to ‘star’ a message. Using it, users can save text messages, images, videos, and even GIFs that they think can be used in the future. To ‘star’ a message on WhatsApp, users have to tap and hold on the particular message and tap on the star icon at the top of the display (on Android devices) or tap on the ‘Star’ option at the top of the drop-down menu that appears (on iPhones).

Finding Saved Messages On WhatsApp

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Once a message is marked with a star on WhatsApp, it is saved on the application itself. This does not require users to open another application and create a new note to save the message, only to forget where they saved it in the first place. Viewing a saved message on WhatsApp is pretty easy. On Android devices, users can access these messages in two ways. On WhatsApp’s home screen, users should tap on the three-dot icon at the top right corner of the display and then tap on ‘Starred messages’ to view the complete list of messages they have saved. Alternatively, users can open a particular chat, tap on the contact’s name, and view ‘Starred messages’ from the open menu. While the method to access saved messages through the contact’s profile page remains the same for iOS users, they can also access them through the ‘Settings’ menu at the bottom right corner of WhatsApp’s home screen.

To unlist a message from the list of ‘Starred Messages’ on WhatsApp, users can tap and hold the message in chat and tap on the crossed star icon at the top of the screen (on Android devices) or tap on the same icon from the menu that appears (on iPhones). Users can also open the list of Starred Messages from the settings menu and de-list the messages they do not require anymore. At times, the feature comes in very handy, especially for people who use WhatsApp for professional purposes. They can ‘star’ mark a bunch of messages to create a to-do list on WhatsApp, and as the tasks are done, they can remove those messages.