Cash App is one of the most popular apps for sending money to friends and family, and if you use the app, you may have heard of a website called ‘App Cash 23’ that promises to send you free money. If you’ve been around the internet for long enough, a claim like that probably triggers alarm bells in your head. Ever since the internet has been a thing, people have used it to try and scam people out of money and personal information. From email phishing scams to false pop-ups claiming you’ve won a $10,000 Walmart gift card, internet grifters and scammers are nothing new.

Unfortunately, the constant growth of our online lives has only made these things worse. Whether it’s through Twitter, Tinder, Instagram, Facebook, etc., there are more places than ever for bad actors to trick people. The rise in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has also made things worse over the last couple of years. New crypto pops up, people invest in it, and the anonymous scammers behind it make off with the money before anyone’s the wiser.

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As of March 2022, there’s another sketchy website that has some people believing they can get hundreds of dollars sent to their Cash App account. Upon visiting the App Cash 23 website, it immediately claims that people can ‘complete twenty deals’ to get $750 sent to them on Cash App. Visitors are also told that they can complete 25 deals to earn $1000, or complete fewer deals “to claim lower value rewards.” Taking the website at face value, it sounds like something you can’t pass up. Complete a few of these ‘deals,’ wait a few days, and you can make $750. What’s not to like, right?

App Cash 23 Is A Scam That You Should Avoid

Cash App logo on iPhone

As it would turn out, these claims by App Cash 23 don’t actually hold any weight to them. Upon visiting the App Cash 23 website, you’re asked if you use Cash App, what you plan to do with the free money, and how often you go shopping per week. After answering those three questions, App Cash 23 asks users to enter their email address to create an account and start completing deals. According to user reports on Quora, these ‘deals’ include clicking on ads, taking surveys, and installing random apps on your smartphone. Users supposedly get their free money after completing so many of these deals, but it seems that no payments are ever sent.

While App Cash 23 doesn’t appear to ask people for money, the danger is that you’re giving away personal information to an anonymous website. Whether it’s handing over your email address or clicking on advertisements that are likely tracking your browsing activity, it’s just a scam to collect people’s information with no intention of ever paying them.

It’s also worth mentioning that the App Cash 23 scam goes by a few different names. Whether you visit ‘,’ ‘,’ or ‘,’ all of them redirect to the same ‘’ website. The offer of a free $750 is awfully tempting, but if you value your online data in the slightest, App Cash 23 is something you’ll want to avoid.