The OnePlus Buds Pro have been available in two color options since their launch in July 2021, but buyers can now pick up the premium earbuds in a third colorway. It has become the norm for manufacturers to announce new colors for existing products as a mid-cycle refresh. However, this practice mostly applies to high-end and premium devices.

The OnePlus Buds were the first earbuds launched by OnePlus. They were followed by the cheaper OnePlus Buds Z in 2020. However, the OnePlus Buds Pro are the brand’s first pair of premium earbuds that can compete with Apple‘s AirPods and Samsung’s Galaxy Buds. In December 2021, OnePlus introduced the Buds Z2, another affordable model that packed some features found on the Buds Pro such as active noise cancellation.

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Nearly a year after their launch, the OnePlus Buds Pro are getting a limited edition colorway called Radiant Silver. This joins the Glossy White and Matte Black colors that were announced at launch, bringing the available color options to three. The new colorway is entirely Silver, unlike the White and Black variants which have a two-tone design — a white/black upper half with a glossy silver bottom half. The Silver variant comes in a matching silver case with a glossy finish.

Premium Design, Premium Price

The OnePlus Buds Pro gets a limited edition silver color

OnePlus launched the Buds Pro for $150 but they can now be picked up for $129. In contrast, the new limited-edition Radiant Silver version retains the $149.99 launch price. However, members of OnePlus’ Red Cable Club can save up to $15 if they purchase the earbuds when the open sale starts on March 31, 2022. Apart from the new color finish, there are no other differences.

Each earbud has an 11mm dynamic driver and they are rated IP55 for water and sweat resistance. There is adaptive Active Noise Cancellation which can reduce noise levels by up to 40db and a transparency mode for when users need to let environmental sounds in. They also have electronic noise cancellation for clearer calls. The OnePlus Buds Pro connect via Bluetooth 5.2, boast an ultra-low latency of 94ms, and support Dolby Atmos and Sony’s LHDC codec. There is also a feature called Audio ID that allows a user to create a personalized sound profile. OnePlus has also brought over the Zen Mode feature available on its phones to the earbuds.

Users will be able to turn on Zen Mode even if the earbuds are not paired to a device and listen to one of five relaxing white noise sounds. The earbuds have a battery life of seven hours but this drops to five hours when ANC is turned on. With the IPX4-rated carrying case, the battery life goes up to 38 hours (28 hours with ANC on). The case has a USB-C port and also supports Qi wireless charging. There is also fast charging —a 10-minute charge will provide 10 hours of listening time. Another feature is proprietary fast pair support with the ability to see the last-used location. In January 2022, the OnePlus Buds Pro gained the ability to pair with two devices at the same time.