The Apple iPad enables users to save any information on their screen in the form of a screenshot. This is a handy tool for iPad users, and for a couple of years now, iPads have been among the best portable computing devices on the market. While one can get the entry-level iPad (9th Gen) for $329, the company has recently refreshed the iPad Air, which now comes with the Apple M1 chipset and a better 12MP ultrawide camera on the front that supports Centre Stage.

However, those who purchase a new iPad might not be able to figure out all the features at once, and that is fine. One might take some time to learn how the interface works, where all the necessary settings are and how to switch from one app to another. Additionally, some features work differently on different iPads. For instance, the fingerprint scanner on the entry-level iPad is embedded in the home button, while on the new iPad Air and iPad Pro. the power button doubles as a fingerprint reader. Nevertheless, once users are through with these features, the iPad experience is relatively smooth and intuitive.

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Another iPad feature that varies depending on the model is taking a screenshot. While every iPad is capable of taking a screenshot, the steps may vary based on whether an iPad has a home button or not. In the case of iPad (9th Gen) or older iPad Pro models, users have to press the home button and the power button together to take a screenshot. Users should not press both buttons for too long. Instead, quickly pressing both the buttons would do it. If users do this the right way, the screen on their iPad should flash, and there should be a camera shutter sound (if the iPad is not on silent mode), confirming that a screenshot has been taken. Users can then view the screenshot in the Photos app on the iPad. This method also works on models with a physical home button that are older than the iPad (9th Gen).

How To Take Screenshot On iPad With No Home Button?

Different iPads with power and volume buttons

Now, let’s discover how to take a screenshot on iPads without a home button, which includes the latest iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPad Pro. On these models, taking a screenshot involves pressing the power button (located on the top right corner of the device) and the volume up button simultaneously. After that, the screen flashes with a camera shutter sound, and the screenshot is taken. For those who own the iPad Mini (6th Gen), the volume rockers are also located at the top of the display, albeit on the opposite side as the fingerprint scanner. The screenshot temporarily appears as a thumbnail in the lower-left corner of the screen once it is taken. Users can tap the thumbnail to open the screenshot and edit it by adding a text box, signature and making shapes to highlight a particular part. In addition, users can save it to a specific destination.

Two additional ways to take screenshots on an iPad are with an Apple Pencil and via AssistiveTouch. Those who own an Apple Pencil shall hold the device on either of the bottom corners of the display and swipe it towards the center to take a screenshot. After that, they can also use the Apple Pencil to edit the screenshot. Another way is to enable AssistiveTouch from Settings > Accessibility > Touch > AssistiveTouch and set the Double-Tap under Custom Actions to screenshot. After that, double-tapping the translucent white icon on the display will instantly take a screenshot on an iPad.