Months after Samsung unveiled the M8 Smart Monitor at the Consumer Electronics Show 2022, the display is now available for pre-order, and its color options are reminiscent of the 24-inch iMac. Samsung has its fingers in many pies, including TVs and monitors, both of which cut across different price categories.

The Samsung Smart Monitor series was first announced in 2020 as a monitor that also doubles as a TV. This allows owners to use it for both work and entertainment. The first two models released that year were the 32-inch M7 Smart Monitor with an Ultra HD resolution and the M5 Smart Monitor with an FHD resolution and the option to choose between 27 and 32 inches.

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Samsung’s M8 Smart Monitor is a 32-inch UHD/4K flat display with a slim frame and a borderless design. Even the chin, which is considerably thicker than the other sides, is still thinner than the 2021 iMac. When it was unveiled in January 2022, Samsung showed off just a white model, but now that it is available for pre-order, consumers can purchase the monitor in Green, Pink and Blue, all of which have a matching bezel and base. Samsung has put a price tag of $729 on the 4K monitor, but the white variant sells for slightly less at $699. All color options come with the detachable SlimFit camera for video calls.

More Than Just A Monitor

The Samsung M8 Smart Monitor comes in four colors including green

The Samsung M8 Smart Monitor runs Tizen, the same operating system that ships with Samsung TVs. This allows it to be used as a standalone device without connecting it to a computer or game console. The monitor, which has HDR10+, ships with a handful of preloaded apps, including Netflix, YouTube, Apple TV+ and Samsung TV Plus. There is an infrared remote in the box for operating the monitor in TV mode. In addition, Samsung has added a sensor that automatically adjusts the brightness based on surrounding light, while a feature called Adaptive Sound+ adjusts the built-in speakers based on the type of content and the noise level in the user’s environment.

Even without a computer, users can still use the M8 Smart Monitor for work. It comes with Google Duo, a web browser, Microsoft 365 programs so users can create and edit documents, and support for remote access. Those who own a Galaxy device with support for Samsung Dex can also connect it to the monitor. Samsung has added AirPlay 2 integration too. The Smart Monitor can also serve as a hub for IoT products with support for SmartThings, and with Bixby and Amazon Alexa built-in, a voice command can turn off a connected light or launch an app.

For connectivity, a USB-C port that serves triple duty (display, up to 65W charging and data transmission), thus eliminating the need for multiple cables. There is also a Micro HDMI port, a second USB-C port, Bluetooth 4.2, and Wi-Fi 5. Samsung has begun taking pre-orders for the M8 Smart Monitor but hasn’t revealed when it will start shipping.