MxM News has made headlines as another viral app for 2022, and while it’s readily available for iPhone users, is the app also on Android? This year has already been an incredible one for new smartphone applications. Locket Widget gave us a fun way to share photos on friends’ iPhone home screens, the Prequel app added a new filter that turns portraits into cartoon drawings, and the NoteIt app is a fantastic way to quickly share notes with a friend, partner, or family member.

Whenever a new app comes out, though, an important question has to be asked: Is it available for Android? iOS and Android are more alike today than they’ve ever been. They’re both very stable and secure platforms, have similar home screen layouts, and share many of the same features. One area that remains different, however, is app availability. While most applications are available for iOS and Android just the same, some apps continue to launch as iOS exclusives. It’s annoying, irritating, and just the way things are.

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As of March 2022, one of the newest apps available is MxM News. Founded by Donald Trump Jr., MxM News claims to be a news aggregation app that isn’t affected by ‘censorship’ or ‘mainstream bias.’ It’s basically the same pitch for news that Truth Social has for social media. For anyone interested in using MxM News, the app is available for both iPhones and Android devices. No matter if you have an Android phone from Samsung, Google, OnePlus, or someone else, you should be able to install MxM News without a problem.

How To Get The MxM News App On Android

The MxM News app

To get MxM News for your Android phone, you’ll need to first open the Google Play Store. Tap the search bar at the top of the screen, search for ‘MxM News,’ and download the app titled ‘MxM News’ by ‘Telegraph Branding LLC.’ You may need to scroll down the search results page before you find it, but it’ll eventually pop up. Tap the green ‘Install’ button on the page for MxM News, wait for it to download, and tap ‘Open’ once it’s finished.

From here, setting up MxM News is exactly the same as it is on the iPhone. You’ll make an account, select the categories you’re interested in, and can then start browsing the app within a few seconds. MxM News is also 100 percent free to download, though you will see advertisements in the articles you read.