Looking to compete with the likes of Apple News and Google News, a new app called ‘MxM News’ topped the charts on the App Store as the latest viral app of 2022. When we talk about smartphones, the conversation often revolves around the phones themselves. People want to know about the latest handsets from Apple and Samsung, Qualcomm‘s newest processor, the latest iOS update, etc. Just as important, however, are the apps we use on these devices.

Along with the big names like Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, plenty of smaller applications pop up for their ten minutes of fame. At the beginning of the year, Locket Widget was the must-have app for iPhone users. There’s also been buzz for the Prequel app, NoteIt, Spam App, Motionleap, and others. These lesser-known applications may not take the world by storm, but they provide fresh and innovative ways to use the phones we spend so much of our time on.

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As of March 2022, one of the latest smartphone apps to shine in the viral spotlight is MxM News. The app’s launch was first reported on by Axios on March 22. Founded in part by Donald Trump Jr., the MxM name references the app’s ‘minute by minute’ coverage for regularly updating its users on the latest stories. But rather than creating and publishing its own articles, MxM News is an aggregation app that scours the internet for articles from other publications so you can read them all in one place (ala Google News and Apple News). Not unlike Donald Trump’s Truth Social app that launched a few weeks prior, Donald Trump Jr.’s MxM News app claims to offer news that cuts through “censorship, mainstream bias, and institutional dominance that has left society divided and misinformed.” How that actually works in practice is questionable, but that’s what MxM News is claiming on its App Store page.

How The MxM News App Works

The MxM News app

If you want to use the app for yourself, getting started is simple enough. Head to the App Store on your iPhone (or Google Play if you have an Android phone), search for the MxM News app, and download the one from developer ‘Telegraph.’ Upon opening the app, users are asked to log in with an existing account or create a new one. You can make an account directly with MxM News or sign up using your Google, Facebook, Twitter, or Apple login.

After creating or linking your account, MxM News asks users to select topics they’re interested in. The available categories are quite limited, with the current options only being Politics, Policy, Life & Culture, International, Finance & Money, and America First. Tap the blue circle in the top right corner after choosing your preferred categories, and just like that, you’re on the MxM News home page. The app defaults to showing ‘trending’ articles, but you can use the navigation bar at the top to filter stories by the various categories. There’s also a search icon where users can search for specific stories/topics, and the menu icon towards the bottom left has options for profile settings, display settings, etc.

Similar to Truth Social, MxM News’s claim of destroying censorship and bias means there’s a lot of content that fans of Donald Trump and Trump Jr. will be interested in. A quick look through the app shows many stories sourced from publications like Fox NewsBreitbartNew York PostNewsmax, etc. If those are publications you enjoy reading, MxM News may be worth checking out. But for everyone else, there’s nothing here worth writing home about.