TikTok usually does an excellent job of showing users videos they want to see — but what should you do if you want to reset the For You page? More so than almost any app in recent years, TikTok has exploded in popularity. It has millions of downloads, new features are regularly added, and it’s now one of the most iconic social platforms on the market. Whether you’re interested in comedy sketches, cooking tutorials, singing videos, or anything in between, TikTok probably has something for you.

One of the main reasons for TikTok’s success is its For You Page. This is the first thing users see when they open the app and the main way TikTok users find videos to watch. It plays an endless stream of videos for users to scroll through, with the app’s algorithm determining what users will enjoy most based on their past activity. Factors like whether a video has been liked or shared by a user and whether they follow a certain creator on the platform are taken into account.

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However, there’s always the chance that a TikTok user may no longer wish to see the type of videos the For You page is showing them. This could be because their tastes have changed over time, they’ve watched so many similar videos they don’t want to watch anymore, or they want to broaden their horizons. The problem is that TikTok doesn’t have an official way to ‘reset’ the For You page. Users can’t open the app, press a Reset button, and immediately change things. That said, there are a few steps you can follow to try and retrain TikTok’s For You page to deliver better video recommendations.

Steps For Resetting TikTok For You

For You page in the TikTok app

To get started, try emptying the cache in the TikTok app. It’s not actually entirely clear if this helps, but it also can’t hurt. To do it, users need to open TikTok, tap the ‘Profile’ button on the bottom right of the screen, tap the menu icon at the top right (the one that looks like three lines), tap ‘Settings and privacy,’ scroll down the page, and then tap ‘Clear cache.’

To be extra thorough, TikTok users can look at their liked videos on their profile page and remove any that they’re no longer keen on. Similarly, users can access the list of people they follow from their profile and remove accounts that produce the type of content they’re no longer interested in. To remove liked videos, tap the ‘Profile’ button at the bottom of the app, tap the ‘Heart’ icon, tap a video on this page, and tap the red heart button. If the heart changes to white, that means you successfully disliked the video. To unfollow other TikTok users, go to your Profile page, tap the ‘Following’ button below your profile picture, and tap the white ‘Following’ button to unfollow someone.

With that all done, you can begin curating videos on the For You page by changing how you react to them. Users should only follow accounts that produce the type of content they’re after, interact more with videos they like (such as by rewatching, liking, favoriting, commenting, and sharing), and interact less with videos they’re not as keen on. TikTok users should also make use of the ‘Not interested’ option in the sharing menu for a video if they want to see less of that type of content. With all this in mind, you can shape the For You page and ensure you only get served with the TikTok videos you’re most interested in.