Typos happen, so the ability to edit social media posts is priceless. Unlike Twitter, Pinterest allows users to edit pins after posting in a few easy steps. Most platforms have a feature to edit posts, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. So it’s easy to get rid of that typo or update something about the post.

Pinterest was launched in 2010 but didn’t gain popularity until 2011. It was created as a tool to share images and inspiration. The platform allows users to explore ideas for recipes, home and style. People can do this by saving pins to boards, so they’re accessible to find for later. Users can also create their own boards when they are exploring an idea for a project.

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To edit a pin, go to the app or log in to the Pinterest account on the website. Next, tap the profile picture at the bottom right corner of the screen in the app or the top right of the screen on the website. Next, go to the pin that needs to be edited. Find the board where it is located, click on the board and then on the pin. Next, click on the three-dotted line on the app and the website, and click ‘Edit Pin.’ Now the user can edit the title, description, website, alt text and note to self. The person can also move the pin to a different section of the board or even another board. When done editing, click ‘Done’ in the app and ‘Save’ on the website. The steps are the same on Android and Apple phones.

Edit A Saved Pin

Pinterest also allows users to edit a pin that they saved from the web. The steps are the same as mentioned above. The only difference is the amount of content the users are able to edit. The user can only edit the note to self for a saved pin and change the board or section. It’s still handy to be able to edit saved pins because users can add information in the ‘Note to self’ or maybe the user needs this image for something different now. If so, they can save the pin to another board.

Being able to edit created and saved Pinterest pins helps users keep their ideas organized. Whether they are exploiting themes for redecorating a living room or colors for a wedding, this helps the creative process. Because when planning things, the first idea doesn’t usually stick, so being able to edit along the way will help in the inspiration process.