Adding Favorites to Safari on a Mac is a useful way to keep frequently-used websites within easy reach. There are some websites that users need to open almost every day and having them in Favorites makes them easy to access with a single click. With Favorites, users can even bookmark specific documents and spreadsheets which they might otherwise need to dig into their email to find. For users who have other Apple products like an iPhone or iPad, signing in to the same Apple ID used on the Mac will sync their Favorites across all devices.

Safari has several useful features, and Apple recently introduced a few new ones with macOS Monterey. Among these is the new ‘Compact’ tab experience which combines tabs with the search field, increasing the space on the browser. There’s also Tab Groups, which lets users organize tabs into groups and name them. For example, all work-related tabs can be grouped under ‘Work’ for easier access. The Sidebar has also received a design refresh, now displaying Tab Groups, Shared Links, Bookmarks, and Reading Lists.

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Coming back to Favorites, Apple makes it easy to add these bookmarks to Safari. The first thing to do is open the website that needs to be added to the Favorites list. Then, hover the pointer over the search bar and look for the little ‘+’ icon at the left edge. Click and hold the icon until a drop-down menu appears, and drag the cursor down to Favorites. Another way to add a website to Favorites is by clicking on the website address in the search field and then dragging it down to the Favorites view. A third way to add Favorites is by clicking on Bookmarks in the Safari menu bar and then on Add Bookmark. From the window that appears, select Favorites from the drop-down and click Add. To remove a Favorite website, can click and hold the website icon from the Favorites view and then drag it into the toolbar to delete it from the list.

Organizing Favorite Websites On Safari

Customize Favorites On Safari

For users who like to keep things nice and tidy, Safari has some handy tools to organize Favorites. After clicking on the search bar and opening the Favorites view, users can drag individual website icons to rearrange the order in which they are displayed. Favorites can be renamed by Control-clicking the website and then selecting Rename from the shortcut menu. Alternatively, users can click on Bookmarks in the Safari menu, and then on Edit Bookmarks. Right-clicking on any saved website brings up the option to rename it.

The websites displayed in the Favorites bar can also be changed to any other Bookmarks groups. With the browser open, click on Safari and then Preferences. Click on the General tab and select the bookmarks that should be displayed from the Favorites shows drop-down. If a Safari user wants to keep their Favorites on display permanently, there’s an option to do that as well. In the Safari menu, click on View and then select Show Favorites Bar to make it appear above the tabs list.