After announcing the Edge+ (2022) late last month, Motorola just confirmed that its latest flagship smartphone is officially launching on March 24. If it seems like it’s been a while since Motorola released a flagship phone, that’s because it has. Motorola’s smartphone portfolio strongly favors budget and mid-range handsets. Getting multiple Moto G devices throughout the year isn’t the most exciting thing, but they’re the phones Motorola’s had the most commercial success with. Flagships, on the other hand, haven’t done very well for the company.

But that hasn’t stopped Motorola from trying. About two years after launching the first Edge+, Motorola unveiled the Edge+ (2022) on February 24. At first glance, the phone looks like a solid overall package. It has a 6.7-inch OLED display, a 144Hz refresh rate, Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, 12GB of RAM, and a big 4800 mAh battery. But the Edge+ (2022) also has some concerning downsides. With no telephoto camera, charging speeds limited to 30W, and just two major OS updates promised for the phone, the $999 MSRP is tough to swallow.

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Regardless of how that comes together when you’re using the phone, the good news is that the Edge+ (2022) now has a release date. One month since it announced the Edge+ without any launch information, Motorola’s now confirmed that the Edge+ (2022) releases this Thursday, March 24. The unlocked model will be available at Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and Motorola’s website with a $999 retail price. For a ‘limited time,’ however, all of those retailers will let you get a $100 instant discount and buy the Edge+ for just $899.

Verizon Also Has The Edge+ (2022) For Just $849

Motorola Edge+ (2022)

Besides the unlocked model, the only carrier version of the Edge+ (2022) is one on Verizon. Interestingly enough, the Verizon Edge+ is $150 cheaper than its unlocked counterpart — featuring an $849 MSRP. There aren’t any design, spec, or feature differences between the unlocked and Verizon flavors. That’s good news for Verizon customers, but it’s extremely annoying for everyone else. If you want the Edge+ (2022) and don’t want to buy a carrier version from Verizon, you’ll have to pay $150 more for the same phone.

Along with the lower retail price, Verizon also has a few extra promos to make the Edge+ (2022) even more affordable. If you switch to Verizon from another carrier or add a new line of service with an Unlimited plan, you’ll be able to buy one Edge+ (2022) and get another one for free. If you don’t want or need two phones, customers who switch or add a new line can also trade in their old/broken phone to get up to $800 off one Edge+. Last but not least, existing Verizon customers on an Unlimited plan can trade in their current phone for up to $700 off the Edge+ (no new line required).

While it’s great to see such generous promotions for the Edge+ (2022) on Verizon, Motorola’s upcharge for the unlocked version is quite frustrating. $849 for a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, 144Hz OLED display, and a 4800 mAh battery gives the Edge+ a competitive edge over the S22+, iPhone 13 Pro, and other $1000 flagships. The Edge+ (2022) is an interesting handset for folks on or switching to Verizon, but the $999 MSRP is a lot harder to justify for everyone else. The ‘limited time’ $899 price tag helps, but it’s unfortunate that unlocked shoppers get the short stick here.