Are you having trouble using services like iMessage and Apple Music right now? You aren’t the only one, as numerous reports show that most Apple services are buggy or totally down. As we often say in these types of articles, the internet is a sacred and fragile place. When it works, it’s amazing. When something goes wrong, headaches ensue.

So far in 2022, there’s already been a fair share of outage problems. In February, a major Discord outage took down the app for most of its users. There was also a problem with Discord, Spotify, and other apps earlier this month, preventing people from using some of their favorite websites.

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As of March 21, 2022, more problems have arisen. Around 1:00 PM EDT, reports started flooding the internet of problems with major Apple services. People are having trouble with iMessage, Apple Music, iCloud, Apple TV, Apple Maps, and more. The popular DownDetector website reiterates these complaints, with most Apple services accounting for the biggest outages of the day.

Apple Is Aware & Working On The Problem

Apple System Status page for March 21, 2022

Although Apple’s ‘System Status’ website didn’t initially show any issues on its end, it’s since been updated to confirm a number of outages across the board. At the time of publication, Apple’s confirmed outages for the App Store, Apple Arcade, Apple Business Manager, Apple Music, Apple School Manager, Apple TV+, Device Enrollment Program, iTunes Store, Apple Podcasts, Apple Radio, and Schoolwork.

Apple doesn’t outline what exactly is causing these problems, with it instead saying that it’s “investigating the issue.” Unfortunately, that’s all we really have to go on right now. Major Apple services are down, Apple’s trying to get things back to normal, and we have no clue what’s causing the trouble and when it’ll be resolved. Apple typically gets these things straightened out sooner rather than later, but even so, it’s not a fun afternoon to be an Apple user.