One of the best things about Spotify is its endless social features, and thanks to a third-party website called ‘Obscurify,’ you can get an obscurity rating to see how niche/mainstream your listening habits are. While Spotify remains the undisputed champ in the music streaming space, its competition is fiercer today than it’s ever been. Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, and other services have only gotten better with time. As such, choosing Spotify over one of its many competitors is no longer the clear-cut decision it once used to be.

For all the things its competition is getting better at, Spotify still reigns supreme with its social features. At the end of each year, Spotify Wrapped gives users a detailed breakdown of their various listening habits throughout the year — and makes it easy to share those stats on social media. Spotify also introduced a ‘Blend’ feature in 2021 that allows two friends to combine their favorite songs into one mashed-up playlist. Combine that with deep third-party integration to services like Discord, and it’s easy to see why the social aspect of Spotify is such a big deal for some people.

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On the note of third-party integration, one neat Spotify trick comes from a website called ‘Obscurify.’ Created in 2020 by Alex Olivero and Nirmal Patel, Obscurify is a third-party website that analyzes your Spotify playlists, looks at the songs added to them, and gives you an obscurity rating to show how obscure/basic your music choices are.

How To Find Your Spotify Obscurity Rating

Obscurify website to find your Spotify obscurity rating

To find your own Spotify obscurity rating, all you have to do is visit the Obscurify website from your phone, tablet, or computer. Tap/click the green ‘Log in with Spotify’ button on the site, log in with your Spotify account credentials, and select the green ‘Agree’ button to link your Spotify account with Obscurify. In less than a second,  the Obscurify website updates with insights on your music preferences.

Obscurify first shows users their top 10 genres. Tapping/clicking a genre shows the three artists most responsible for it. For example, Pop is listed as my number five genre, thanks to how often I listen to Ashe, X Ambassadors, and The 1975. As you keep scrolling down the page, Obscurify then shows users their most obscure artists and tracks. If you listen to an artist or song that’s not mainstream or overly popular, this is where you’ll see them.

Right below that, Obscurify also shows users their all-time top artists and songs. The page initially shows your top 12 artists/songs, but you can select the ‘Show More’ button to see up to 50 of your top picks. The section below has a ‘Share with your friends’ button that allows you to share your Obscurify profile on social media. At the bottom of the page are music recommendations from Obscruify based on your music taste. And that’s all there is to it! Head to the Obscurify website, link your Spotify account, and instantly see how obscure (or not) your listening is.