Tesla’s Model Y and Model 3 are both best-selling cars but when it comes to choosing one for range, things can get a bit tricky. The Tesla Model Y was the world’s highest-selling EV in January 2022. On the other hand, the more affordable Model 3 has been in production since 2018 and is so popular that its sales are compared not just with EVs but the entire car industry.

Tesla knows there is a direct relationship between price, performance, and selling more units. There has been an increased appetite in the US and globally for affordable EVs, and while brands like Mini Cooper manage to keep prices low without compromising quality, their range is nowhere near what a Tesla can deliver. Tesla says it is working on a $25,000 car, but the vehicle is nowhere close to hitting the streets.

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The Tesla Model Y and Model 3 come in different versions. Both have a Long Range and a Performance version and the Model 3 also comes in a cheaper Rear-Wheel Drive version. The two top-ranking cars based on the range are the Model 3 Long Range with 334 miles selling at $55,900, followed by the Model Y Long Range with 318 miles starting at $64,990. The Model 3 Performance ranks third with 315 miles for $61,900 and the Model Y Performance ranks 4th with 303 miles selling at $67,900. Finally, there is the Model Y Rear-Wheel-Drive that can go 267 miles and sells for $48,900 before tax exemptions.

Crossover Or Sedan, That’s The Question

Tesla Model Y Seven Seat Crossover.

The Model 3 versions of Tesla not only outperform their Model Y counterparts in range but are also cheaper. However, while the difference in range is not significant, the difference in price is considerable. All the Model Y and Model 3 Long-Range and Performance versions deliver over 300 miles. A difference of 15 miles in the range should not be a decisive factor when choosing an EV, especially as those 15 miles may be lost or gained depending on how and where a car is driven.

When the range between EVs is as close as the Model Y and Model 3, it is important to look at other specs to determine which one will go the distance. Factors like the weather, temperature, type of road, driving style, and space are also important. The Model Y is a 7-seat crossover, while the Model 3 is a five-seat sedan. Users who choose a crossover either carry more people or more cargo and the extra weight is likely to affect the range significantly.

Range is the result of a complex engineering relationship between the battery, engine, weight of the car, design, and other technical details. However, the platforms and components which Tesla uses to build both the Model Y and Model 3 are very much alike. The Model Y began production in 2020, so it is a newer design. That said, Tesla’s sedan is smaller, lighter, cheaper, and can go the extra mile, even though it is not a crossover and never will be.