Google’s I/O 2022 puzzle is leaving many users scratching their heads and could be one of its toughest brain teasers yet. Solving it gives clues to the company’s upcoming annual event, but those unable to crack it can always turn to its official announcements instead. Apart from its Pixel event, there’s another major occasion where the company talks about its developments in both hardware and software.

The Google I/O developer conference is an annual event that the tech giant’s been holding since 2008. Specific details regarding this event’s dates and venue are usually divulged once its puzzle has finally been solved. 2021’s puzzle involved solving a rather confusing punch-card style quiz that required users to input the correct words to progress to the next clue, which led to even more visually-stimulating mini-games. In 2022, however, Google’s puzzle demands a deeper level of interactivity by requiring users to utilize more than just visual cues.

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In a tweet, Google challenged users to untangle a messy string that had circles running along its line. Users will have to untangle a set of four strings to reveal the hidden date of its upcoming event via its website. Each string will come with a clue that can be revealed by clicking on the equal sign on the lower right. Users will have to use audio and visual cues to form an upbeat tune and untangle the string into a circle, using the plus and minus sign to add beats and changing the value on the lower left to adjust the tempo. Clicking on a circle allows users to change its color, which also changes the tune’s pitch.

What Does Google’s I/O 2022 Puzzle Reveal?

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Google is quite fond of hiding secrets in its software, and its upcoming event is a treasure trove for Easter egg lovers. Fortunately, those who don’t have the time or effort to unearth the puzzle’s cryptic message can see when exactly it will take place, by simply visiting Google I/O’s home page, which was recently updated following CEO Sundar Pichai’s announcement. Through the website, visitors will be able to register for the upcoming I/O event happening on May 11 and 12.

The event will take place in the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California. Physical attendance will be limited, but anyone can live-stream the event for free. As for the event itself, it will allow users to virtually interact with Google experts and developers, ask questions about its software and various related products. Viewers can also expect Google to talk about progress on its latest software developments, as well as product announcements and updates.