Scrolling through social media in public can be disruptive when a video starts to play with the volume on, but luckily Pinterest lets users manage their autoplay settings. Unlike Twitter and Instagram, the video doesn’t start playing when scrolling the feed. Instead, it starts playing when the pin is in 50 percent view. Once the user clicks on the post, the video begins playing automatically with the volume on. Users can manually change this so they can choose to start the video when they are ready.

Social media companies realize that users don’t always want the videos to autoplay. Twitter offers an easy way to turn autoplay off in the app and website. Meta also provides options on its platforms. Facebook is as straightforward as Twitter, but on Instagram, it’s a bit different. There is no autoplay option, but users can choose a data saver mode that will stop auto-playing videos. Pinterest’s method is as easy as Twitter’s and Facebook‘s.

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To stop videos from auto-playing on Pinterest, open the app and go to the profile by tapping on the profile picture in the bottom right-hand corner. Next, click on the three-dotted line. On some devices, this may be a downward arrow. Then, click on ‘Settings’ and go to ‘Privacy and data.’ Scroll down to ‘Autoplay videos on cellular data.’ Toggle this off. Now, the videos will only autoplay on a Wi-Fi network. To turn autoplay off entirely, toggle off ‘Autoplay videos on Wi-Fi,’ which only appears after the first option is toggled off.

Turn Off Autoplay Videos On The Desktop

Users can also stop videos from auto-playing on the Pinterest website. First, log in to the account. Next, click the down arrow next to the profile picture. This will bring down a menu—select settings. Then click on ‘Privacy and data’ on the left-hand side. Next, scroll down to ‘Personalization’ and uncheck the box labeled ‘Autoplay videos on desktop.’ Finally, click ‘Save.’

Turning off autoplay on the desktop can come in handy if a user is scrolling through Pinterest for inspiration at work or just need to take a little break. When turning this feature off, the video won’t start playing, startling everyone around the person and alerting them to what they are up to. In addition, the user can plug in headphones to the computer before pressing play. This is the incognito way to scroll through social media at work.