Along with features like Face ID with a Mask and Universal Control, Apple will release the iOS 15.4 soon. A couple of days ago, Apple conducted its Peek Performance event where it announced a couple of devices. For those who expected a new budget iPhone, the company revealed the iPhone SE 3 with A15 Bionic chipset and 5G connectivity. Apple also announced two new colors for the iPhone 13 lineup.

One of the most exciting products revealed at the spring event was the Mac Studio. Essentially, it is a Mac Mini with Apple’s most powerful chipset, the M1 Ultra. As the company showcased, the M1 Ultra comes with a 90 percent performance advantage over the Intel Core i9-12900K chipset and matches the performance of Nvidia‘s GeForce RTX 3090 graphics processor.

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In an official press release for iPhone 13 on March 8, Apple announced that “iOS 15.4 will be available as a free software update starting next week.” Additionally, Apple noted that the iPhone 13 green color models and iPhone SE 3 would ship with iOS 15.4. As of now, users can pre-order these devices on the official Apple website. However, as phones become available and deliveries begin on March 18, 2022, iOS 15.4 public build should also be out. Additionally, the iPhone operating system update will be compatible with all the devices that support iOS 15. The Cupertino-based iOS maker usually pushes updates around 10 a.m. PST.

iOS 15.4 Will Bring A Plethora Of Features For iPhone Users

iOS 15.4 is loaded with new features. It will be a heavy update for iPhone users. One of the most hyped features of the upcoming iPhone update is the Face ID with a mask. During the Covid-19 pandemic, many users faced difficulty in using Face ID on their iPhones while wearing a mask. Thankfully, with the coming update, users will be able to do so. Another feature that is coming with iOS 15.4 is Universal Control. When it arrives, users will be able to connect multiple Apple devices such as an iPad and a Mac and use the same keyboard and mouse to control both of them. Finally, for the emoji lovers, support for Emoji 14 will unlock as many as 37 new emojis (with 75 skin tone additions), including the melting face and pregnant man emoji.

With rising cases of AirTag misuse, Apple has included two features in the iOS 15.4 beta that warn users about tracking someone without their permission and mention the name of an unknown Apple accessory detected nearby. Apart from this, an iOS 15.4 beta also contains a new Siri voice, which would be the fifth option for users. Other features that Apple might release in iOS 15.4 include the Apple Card widget and the addition of digital IDs to Apple Wallet. More details about these features will be available as Apple releases the iOS 15.4.