Oculus users can track their fitness activities on the ‘Move’ app. Virtual reality headsets are the very first step towards the Metaverse. They include various apps for entertainment, fitness and productivity. During the pandemic, virtual reality gained popularity, specifically for exercising and staying fit from home.

Quest 2 is one of the most popular virtual reality headsets. It includes games like Beat Saber, Population: One and Resident Evil. Quest 2 also has Virtual Desktop, allowing users to set a multi-desktop environment in the VR to consume content or do work on the go. In addition, the fitness-oriented apps Supernatural, Dance Central and Liteboxer make exercising fun, and an app is included to help track them.

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Oculus Move is a system app available on Quest and Quest 2. It tracks all the activity across any apps and games. The app tracks calories burned and active time no matter what the user is doing in the headset. To enable this, click on the Oculus button on the controller, which will show all the apps available in the headset, then select Oculus Move. To provide more accurate calorie statistics, it will ask for information like weight, height, gender and age. It also gives users an option to add a weekly target. Once the setup is finished, it will start tracking the data. It will be recorded in the app and viewed by weeks, months or years. There is an additional option in the settings of the Oculus Move app, where the user can toggle on In-game Overlay that shows stats while playing the game. Currently, this data is only accessible from the VR app, but Meta has announced that fitness tracker is coming to smartphones and Apple Health.

How To Link VR Fitness Data To Apple Health

Next month, Move app data will be linked to the Oculus app available for Android and iOS. It means calorie count, active time and goals can be monitored from the smartphone and there is no need to wear and check the data in the headset. Furthermore, iOS users will be able to link the fitness stats to Apple Health, meaning it will sync the fitness data across iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. It also means that fitness data from VR or outside the VR will be available in one app. In the future, this integration might release for other fitness tracking platforms such as Google Fit.

Technology is helping people to get fit and improve their health. With fitness tracking devices and smartwatches like Apple Watch, people can set goals and work out to achieve their fitness milestones. It seems like VR fitness will be the next big thing since it involves fun while exercising.