The iPhone SE 3 is Apple‘s latest attempt at a budget iPhone, and just like the iPhone SE 2 that came before it, the iPhone SE 3 is available in a few different colors. Ever since the first iPhone SE hit the scene in 2016, it’s stood out as one of Apple‘s most interesting product lineups. The iPhone SE is the most boring and least capable of any iPhone at any given time. However, it stands out for one big reason: the price. The first and second-gen models were available for $399, while the latest iPhone SE 3 is available for $429.

For that $429 asking price, the iPhone SE 3 gets you quite a lot. Using the same body as the previous generation, the iPhone SE 3 comes with a 4.7-inch display, a physical home button, and a compact body you can easily operate with one hand. It’s also rocking Apple‘s latest A15 Bionic processor, an improved camera, 5G support, and more. It’s not as flashy as the iPhone 13 or 13 Pro, but for someone looking to get an iPhone without spending a heap of cash, the SE 3 is a compelling package.

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That said, the iPhone SE 3 does disappoint with its available colors. If you decide to buy the iPhone SE 3, you’ll only be able to get it in Black, White, or (PRODUCT) RED. Those choices aren’t horrible, but they’re also much more constrained than the more adventurous colors we’ve seen with the iPhone 13, iPhone 12, and iPhone 11. It would have been fantastic to see shades of yellow, green, blue, and pink finally make their way to the iPhone SE. Unfortunately, that’s not what happened. If you want an iPhone SE 3, be prepared to choose from black, white, red, and nothing more.

How To Choose The Best iPhone SE 3 Color

As disappointing as the lack of new colors is, the limited selection does make it very easy to choose one. If you want your iPhone SE 3 to be as sleek and minimalistic as possible, the black color is the one to get. It doesn’t draw any attention to itself, fades into the background with ease, and the black backside goes perfectly with the black bezels surrounding the display. It’s arguably the most ‘boring’ color of the trio, but it’s also the most practical.

If you want to keep things professional but want something more eye-catching, the iPhone SE 3 in white is a fantastic alternative. The stark white color stands out more than the black one, but it does so without being too boastful or over-the-top. Combined with the black bezels around the display, the white iPhone SE 3 takes on a nice panda/Stormtrooper aesthetic that never gets old.

And, of course, there’s the red iPhone SE 3. (PRODUCT) RED has long been one of Apple‘s most iconic colors and it shines once more on the SE 3. The red color is bright, vibrant, and easily stands out from its black and white siblings. Even better, a portion of all (PRODUCT) RED iPhone SE 3 sales go towards fighting health emergencies like AIDS and COVID-19.