YouTube Music launched the ability to share songs to Snapchat in October 2021. The feature was initially only available on iOS before it was rolled out to Android in March 2022. The first indication that YouTube Music was working on a ‘sharing’ option to Snapchat and Instagram emerged in late 2020. However, while Snapchat sharing is now live on both Android and iOS, the Instagram integration is still a work in progress.

Having originally started as an ephemeral messaging app more than a decade ago, Snapchat is now among the most popular social media platforms in the world. It has also been a leader in rolling out innovative new features, such as Stories, AR selfie filters, Nametag, the Discover feed, and more, many of which have been copied by the likes of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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To share tracks from YouTube Music to other social networks and platforms, open the YouTube Music app and select the song that needs to be shared. Now tap on the three-dot menu button at the top-right corner and select the ‘Share’ button from the options. The app will now open a slide-out panel with different sharing options. Select the Snapchat icon on the panel. This will immediately open the song in the Snapchat app, and users will see a clickable thumbnail image with album art from YouTube Music. Users will now be able to edit the story using various Snapchat features, add overlays, and create other effects and annotations.

Easily Share Songs With Friends And Followers

Once the Story is created, users will be able to share it with their followers as usual. It can also be sent to friends as a direct message. When a viewer clicks the YouTube Music thumbnail link on the Snapchat Story, the song will open in the YouTube Music app on their device. Do note that some of the sharing options are also available on the YouTube Music website, which means users can also share songs from their laptops or PCs.

The ability to share songs on social media is becoming an integral part of music streaming apps, and YouTube Music is not the only such app to offer these features. Spotify also offers integration with several social media apps, including Instagram, making it easy to share a song directly to an Instagram Story. Like YouTube Music, Spotify also offers integration with a number of other social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Reddit, enabling users to share their music with others.