Every version of Android comes with a unique Easter egg, and in the case of Android 10, it may have one of the best ones Google has ever created. If there’s one tech company that’s well-known for building little secrets into its apps and websites, it’s Google. Google Search has tons of hidden games and quirks just waiting to be found. There’s a Batman Easter egg, a DVD screensaver one, an Atari Breakout game, and lots more.

Being the owner and creator of Android, it should come as no surprise that Google’s also hidden numerous Easter eggs throughout Android over the years. Each version of the Android OS comes with a unique Easter egg for users to find. Android 4.0 had a Nyan Cat-themed Easter egg, Android 5.0 had a secret Flappy Bird-like game, and Android 7.0’s Easter Egg included Google’s spin on the iconic Neko Atsume game.

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While each Android Easter egg stands out for its own reasons, the Android 10 Easter egg has gone down as one of Google’s best. This is mainly due to the fact that there are two distinct layers of the Android 10 Easter egg. On a phone with Android 10, finding the Easter egg was as easy as opening the Settings app, scrolling to the bottom of the page, tapping ‘About phone,’ and then ‘Android version.’ On this page, users then needed to tap ‘Android 10’ multiple times until they saw the Android 10 logo on a striped background.

How To Play Android 10’s Easter Egg Game

Hidden game for Android 10's Easter egg

You might think that’s all there is to the Android 10 Easter egg, but the logo is just the beginning! Users can drag the Android logo, 1, and 0 all over the page however they want. Tapping one of them rotates it, or you can press and hold to make the item spin. Dragging these items around aimlessly is a fun way to kill a few seconds, but once again, there’s still more to uncover.

To unlock the next part of Android 10’s Easter egg, drag the ‘1’ and ‘0’ together so they make the shape of a capital ‘Q.’ When they’re in the right place, they’ll lock together and move around as a new ‘Q’ object — harkening back to Android 10’s old codename of ‘Android Q.’ Next, repeatedly tap that Q a few times to unlock Android 10’s hidden nonogram game. For those who aren’t familiar, a nonogram is a puzzle game with a grid of blocks and numbers above and to the left. Each number represents how many blocks should be filled in on that specific row. If you follow the numbers correctly and fill in the blocks where they should be, you eventually create a small bit of pixel art.

Whether or not you’re a fan of puzzles, all of the different stages/levels to the Android 10 Easter egg make it one of the most impressive yet. Keep in mind that this only works for Android 10. If you have an older or newer Android version on your phone, you’ll have a different Easter egg.