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The world’s first! Johnson & Johnson’s drug-eluting contact lenses are on the market: an effective solution to itchy eyes

With the popularization of electronic products and the accelerated pace of life and work, more and more people wear glasses because of their eyesight. At the same time, some people choose contact lenses for beauty and convenience.

According to media reports, a day-to-day contact lens launched by Johnson & Johnson has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) . Itching, etc.

According to Johnson & Johnson, about 40 percent of contact lens wearers in the U.S. say their eyes are itchy because of allergies, and nearly 80 percent of people with eye allergies say they don’t want to wear contact lenses because of it. While allergy eye drops can relieve the symptoms, more than half said they were too cumbersome to use.

To this end, Johnson & Johnson has developed a daily disposable contact lens containing ketotifen for the prevention of eye itching caused by allergic conjunctivitis, and for patients without red eye, suitable for wearing contact lenses and astigmatism less than 1.00 D Provides vision correction.

Phase 3 clinical data from the glasses showed a clinically and statistically significant reduction in allergic eye pruritus within 3 minutes of the lens being placed in the eye for up to 12 hours.

Brian Pall, director of clinical science at Johnson & Johnson, said that the contact lenses, which do not require allergy eye drops, can effectively relieve the wearer’s eye itching caused by allergies for up to 12 hours, while also correcting vision, which will help people with vision problems. Provide better options.